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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just received an e-mail from Shawn S. -- a fraternity brother and good friend of at least 3 of the SCG's. He's a Marine serving in Iraq right now. I am leaving this thread open for Shawn to say hello and give the SCG's an opportunity to send their thanks and good wishes.

Thanks for your service, Shawn -- stay safe.


Thanks for being there for the US.

Are you still running these days and if so how have you adapted to the weather? This weekend's forecast is in the high teens (that's 119 degrees)!!!!

Love you and all that you do,

Thanks so much for keeping America and our allies safe. I have tremendous admiration for you and all who serve.

Stay safe over there, and our prayers are with you!!
Good job Shawn.
A reminder for all of you who have not served, if you have not reached your 40th birthday,are free of serious health problems, and wish to activly contribute to defending the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA there is good news, you still can!!
1-800-goguard is the number to call, or visit the website of the same name to find a recruiter near you.
They are not taking 71 year olds but I want you to know that you, your compatriots and above all your purpose have my complete support.

TJ's Uncle
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