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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The news that Italian Red Cross workers, in league with the Italian government, helped to smuggle terrorists past US checkpoints so they could receive medical treatment from Red Cross personnel is absolutely unbelievable. They hid the insurgents under boxes of medical supplies in the back of a truck, apparently. I am absolutely enraged.

I understand that the Italians wanted to win the release of their pro-terrorist journalista, but doesn't this cross the line in a major way?

This is why I have very little faith in multi-lateral efforts. They are only as good as your weakest ally. In this case, the Italians have once again shamed themselves on the battlefield. Pitiful.

Screw diplomacy. The American/Iraqi forces need to arrest anyone and everyone involved in this act of treachery. It should start with the highest ranking member of the Red Cross who knew about this... and keep right on going.

The thing is, these four terrorists must have been pretty badly wounded for them to risk such an operation (the Red Cross could have easily tipped off the Americans and claimed they were busted accidentally). Likewise, they must have been important enough that the insurgents wanted to save them to fight another day.

But that's the point. They did fight another day. How many American soldiers, how many civilians, lost their lives as a result?

I needed to get that off my chest. Back to work for me.

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