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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Indy over Tennessee.

Or should I say Ted Marchibroda's Baltimore team, led by Bert Jones, over Bum Phillip's Houston Oilers, with Dan Pastorini and Earl Campbell.

Cincy over Houston!

Three left going into this week and two of us don't drink the hard stuff. Is there any negotiating room to receive beer or wine in lieu of Old Grandad Whiskey?
Marys. I'm offically rooting for JPC.
???????? ????? ? ?????? ???! (Hike up your skirt! - in greek none the less!)

Fine with me - do you want a straw? umbrella? nipple on the bottle? Swirlee drinker!
You Sallies who don't drink the hard stuff are missing out on the finer things in life. I, too, will be rooting for JPC.
Swirlees are made with hard liquor.: BEER IS KING!

JPC deserves respect for his comments, not the ones who let their daughters pick their games.
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