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Friday, September 16, 2005
Kids – Three is the Magic Number

Scott has 3.
Jason has 3.
TIBS has 3.
TJ has 3.
Sip is about to have 3.
JPC is odd man out with 2. You need to have another to keep SCG aligned.

Yes, we’re expecting our third in March. If a girl, I’ve once again floated the name ‘Reagan Thatcher’ as the first/middle name (I’d settle for Reagan Margaret), and if a boy, I’ve floated ‘George Walker’ (maybe George Ronald? Antonin Ronald?). Wish me luck on the names - - a highly important decision.

Avoid George Walker as a choice until history has had a chance to validate him. Reagan Thatcher would be totally awesome, and nice sounding. I think it would work with either boy or girl.
Congrats Sip! The jump to three is a big one - you know, you have to go from a man to man to a zone defnese. Let me recommedn a couple of boys names my wife dissed: Cal and Burke. Whaddyathink? Reagan is great name for a girl.
Thanks Jason. Our depth chart has been pretty deep on the girl names, but we can NOT agree on the boy names. My oldest daughter is already hooked on the name Reagan if we have a daughter (need to get my wife on board). I'll bring up Cal and Burke and see how it goes!
Sip - congrats!! Will you be able to handle another women in the house?

Unfortunately, I will not be going beyond two (at least with the current Mrs. JPC). A bonus is that I will be only 52 years old when both sons will be done with undergrad. Still on schedule to retire or take an ambassadorship at 55!
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