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Saturday, September 17, 2005

I listened to the President on Thursday night and thought he did a solid job. Hopefully this will help him and the administration get back where they need to be in the public's eye - providing leadership. Yes the locals and State of Louisiana screwed things up, but Bush showing reliable leadership going forward will hugely assist with public perception.

I was very concerned when he gave a huge Clintonian laundry list of what the federal government was going to do, and all the spending that went with it. Thank God he did the right thing and later explained that there will be no tax increases, but spending offsets to pay for it. Whew!

I think it would be a good idea to start the cuts with our foriegn aid contributions.
Africa, Israel....
I would agree on the need to cut spending, but I wouldn't hold my breath that Congress will make ANY tough choices. That's true of democrat controlled congresses, and it is also true of republican controlled congresses, unfortunately.

Other than defense spending, I'd say our aid to Israel is the best federal money we spend. At least I can point to some dead terrorists killed by the IDF every few weeks and think how happy I am that I helped pay for the missle, ammunition and training that brought jihadi-joe together with his maker.
Is TJ a true Red White and Blue true American, or is he just White and Blue?

I just love the way he is for all spending cuts - but no spending cuts for our friend Israel. For people like him there is no such thing as too much aid for Israel.

Since 1949 the US has given Israel 84 Billion dollars worth of aid! More than all other countries in the world. And since that aid has been largely given as "loans" which are then forgiven - this 84 Billion has cost the US tax payer $134 Billion so far.

Why that comes out to $23,000 per us taxpayer!

And every time something goes wrong in Israel they ask for supplemental aid! They are building their horrid little racist wall, and so they have asked for an additional $2 billion dollars!

When they evacuated the Gaza settlements each of those settler families will get $500,000! Each and every one. And who will pay for it? Well, the Israeli government has asked for supplemental aid to cover that. And I bet they will get it too. I doubt any Katrina victims will get a settlement that sweet.

I think we need to remove this fat little Israeli leech, and cut off aid.
Well this one will stun you - I agree with TJ. Absolutely the best money spend in that part of the world. I've said it here before, but it's beyond me how a democratic country that is attacked almost daily by terrorists and about every ten years by one or more of it’s Islamo-facist neighbors can be held with the level of disdain to which they are. And I'll say it again - I wish we were doing joint military maneuvers with the IDF. Israeli forces should be on the ground in Iraq and US troops should be in Israel. It should be that way, but it won't happen because we must pacify and coddle the hate filled leaders of the Middle East and their Euro apologists.
Y'know, it is funny how Israel has a strange effect on some people.

I wonder why that is?

It is one of those funny little things... when you barely scratch at the surface of something and you get a strangely intense response, you have to wonder what lies underneath.

Clearly, you need to move past the narrative that equates the Palestinians with black people and the Israelis with white people. The southern rednecks weren't being attacked by blacks. Israelis are. Defending yourself is not racism -- it is common sense.

There is no question in my mind that the Israelis would be willing to live in peace with the Palestinians. That has not happened because the Palestinians have chosen to go to war, time and time and again, on innocent Israelis.

The "horrid little racist wall" was built to protect innocent Israelis from being killed by actual racists, who have publicly declared that their goal is to wipe Israel off the map and kill Jews.

If Mexicans were coming over and blowing up Americans, I wouldn't just build a wall, but a wall, behind a minefield, an alligator filled moat, and a tiger pit.

But I guess we don't want the Jews to be horrid and racist, so they should kindly keep getting themselves blown up and not make the Palestinian people feel bad about themselves.

You guys need to grow up.

I don't even know why Israel is an issue here. My point was that Congress has done a terrible job controlling spending. Given that the Congress is controlled by Republicans, I wish you would just take that small victory and enjoy it.

If we must talk about spending cuts, we have to face the fact that not all government spending is equal. We have to set priorities.

Spending $2 million on a special artistic sidewalk in Rochester -- sinfully wasteful. It just isn't something the federal government should be doing.

Does it depend on whose Ox is being gored? Not really. We should also consider eliminating the entire COMMERCE department -- why pay government bureaucrats to do what the market will do for free?

You have to have certain principles about what types of spending are appropriate for the federal government to engage in and what types are not.

Speaking for myself, when the US military builds a cool looking tank with lasers on it, that allows army dudes to fry our enemies brains and mix them with mushrooms and peppers for a tasty omlette, I feel like I am getting my money's worth.

I get a similar warm and fuzzy feeling when I think about foreign aid to Israel. The fact is, Israel is a Democracy and a dependable US ally in the middle east. If Israel didn't exist, who do you think these guys at Hezbollah and Hamas would be targeting?

As far as I am concerned, their fight is our fight. Their enemies, our enemies. Do they always do our bidding -- no. But they have been doing a lot of the dirty work that we have avoided for a long time. And, as our Jewish friends might say, G-d bless them for it.

The one thing I would agree with you on is that our foreign aid money to Israel should not go to housing vouchers or any other such give-aways. It should be used for flamethrowers, bullets, fragmentation grenades, and other necessities. I would grant them some additional aid if they wanted to get the extra "add-ons" so their military looked kick-ass cool when eliminating the leadership of Hamas one by one.
Maybe people are just pissed because the Jews killed Jesus. Just a guess, but that would not explain the Muslims hating them . I think of Israel as a strange social project, one I support, but at the same time think is overfunded. It(Israel) is nothing even close to a third world country, and I feel very confident that they could easily survive without our anual 3 billion dollars. How about we cut money we give to Africa, as I would guess most of it is ill managed anyway, and no one would get mad except the inner city blacks, but they don't vote anyway, so what would it matter. You get my point I'm sure.
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