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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
SCG 2005 NFL Survivor

It's that time of year again, pick one game, any game, every week with no point spread. Lose once and you're out. Last man standing wins. If you fail to get your pick in by game time of the first game each week, then you will automatically receive the Monday night home team.

New stakes for 2005; we had been doing winner drinks free at the various SCG get togethers, but some of the SCG boys are well, shall we say, unreliable. So this year everyone is putting up a bottle and the winner takes all (that's five bottles for the mathematically challenged). Good luck fellas!

Week One Picks: (picks to be added by game time tomorrow night)

Jason: Minnesota over Tampa Bay
Sip: Cincinnati over Cleveland
TJ: Buffalo over Houston
Scott: New England over Oakland
JPC: Pittsburgh over Tennessee
TIBS: Carolina over New Orleans

WOW!! The two resident New Englanders knocked out in the first round!!

Jackpot Jay has to be beside himself!
it's just so wrong...
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