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Thursday, September 29, 2005

1. Senator Leahy and I crossed paths today at 15th & New York Avenue. It was him. He had a small entourage with him. They looked headed toward the WH...but I haven't the foggiest idea why, because nobody there would let him in. It reminded me of the last time I saw him...during mass at Holy Family Church in Georgetown. At that time I wondered if it was a double-sin wishing ill will upon someone while in church. Yes, it probably is, so I have to do a double penance.

2. Spending - lots of press lately about how Bush let's congress spend like mad. As you know, he never vetoed anything yet, much less a spending bill. Even his father wasn't afraid to use the veto numerous times. After 9/11, I was all for spending whatever it took to make the country safer, but that has nothing to do with the spending bills of the last couple of years. It's a disgrace - where is the conservative charge to cut the spending? Where are the conservative leaders to fight all the pork and have a lean government?

3. Chief Justice Roberts - overall I'm very happy. Just as I was when Souter was confirmed (it was all downhill after that). I know Roberts will be solid, but I'm still a tiny bit nervous about him.

4. Bush should nominate Bork. Or at least the most qualified candidate, and if that's a white male, so be it.

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