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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Am I crazy?

Maybe I'm just getting a little unhinged but in the Libbey coverage (which seems to desperately try to make link between the Iraq War and this indictment) reporters have appropriated - wholesale - anti-war talking points.

To quote the Twilight Zone..."Submitted for your approval":

From the AP
"Bush took the country to war with Iraq"
Now maybe I'm crazy - but - doesnt using this language seem similar to the anti-war critiques from John Kerry, Howard Dean etc... - "Bush took this country to war under false pretenses"
Not to parse too much but - isn't it an unusual choice of words?

From the NY Times
"Mr. Fitzgerald's unvarnished charges that Mr. Libby lied repeatedly about his knowledge of Ms. Wilson's role (when Mr. Cheney was one of those who told him most explicitly that she was involved in counterproliferation work at the C.I.A.) kept alive questions about whether the administration misled Congress and the public with its original rationale for a war with Iraq that this week logged its 2,000th fatality."
I thought he lied about how he had discovered her role - not her actual role. Also, I thought Fitzgerald explicitly said that they did not address "questions about whether the administration misledCongess and the public"?
Now this is news "analysis" - but...isn't this just not true?

If I'm going crazy - please let me know...but, if not, I think that sign up ahead says we're in the Twilight Zone.

no you have not gone crazy. liberals, who own and operate the media, are a very petty bunch. they have the oppourtunity to report the news as it is, and instead they choose to somehow work the war into the script, because libby worked on the invasion plan. i'm sure we will be hearing from cindy sheehan soon.
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