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Friday, October 21, 2005
The Coburn Amendment

Only 14 Republican yes votes to cut $200 million bridge to nowhere to help pay for Katrina. Only 1 Democrat vote.

"...None of Coburn's amendments to a federal spending bill mustered more than 15 votes, and Coburn was the only senator who dared to speak..."

An absolute disgrace.

Yes, it is a bipartisan affair, but Republicans have the majority. Republicans are the party of spending cuts, right? I think that the political calculation -- that porkbarrell spending is more important than actual reform -- is 100% wrong. The bigger risk for the Republican majority is to do nothing about spending. The only way the Republicans lose is if Americans decide electing a Republican Congress doesn't matter all that much anyway.

The simple thing to do is to DELAY the projects, rather than kill them. Delay them a year or two. That pushes everything else back -- but makes it harder to identify which projects were actually "harmed."

What is an opponent going to do -- say you didn't bring home the bacon? Big deal. Now it is your opponent who is advocating running up huge federal deficits in the face of a national disaster.

If Republicans can't make that case, then they don't deserve the majority.

Notice I didn't say, "we." I'm a Republican, but I am first and foremost a conservative. The party needs to wake up. This is a conservative country. When we make the case, when we walk the walk, we win. Ok -- I am saying we again, but I am angry.

Our elected Republican leaders need to stop acting like big spending Democrats -cough-New York-cough- and start making the case for actual conservate policies. For G---s sake, I can't turn around without seeing a Pataki ad, which I helped pay for, asking people to sign up for more welfare.

I actually heard a radio ad the other day which was spreading the word about food stamps. The radio actress had a "black" sounding voice, and was raving about the positive side of getting food stamps. It was nuts.
No need to get a second job sister, just apply for the aid you deserve.
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