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Friday, October 14, 2005

In a hastily written post earlier this week, I wrote:

Friday afternoon, the President will withdraw the Meiers nomination.

Of course, I meant to say:

Friday afternoon, the President will be called on by National Review to withdraw the Meiers nomination.

My bad.

Please note this correction.

Also, please note my new strategy. I will make an outrageous and bold prediction every week. When one of several thousand actually happens, I will campaign to send this prediction across the blogosphere to illustrate my omniscence. I will also use any proceeds from talk show invitations to buy a dictionary to check the spelling of "omniscence".

TJ - I eagerly monitored MSM all day yesterday for the announcement of Meiers's withdrawl of her nomination. Needless to say, I was highly disappointed, especially since the White House kept maintaining she will not withdraw.

It was a bold (and I believe realistic) prediction. Although it didn't come true (yet), I hope the confirmation process never makes it as far as the hearings.
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