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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Doctor, doctor...

"md," I've contacted all of the SCG boyz, even those that are often undercover on deep Right Wing Conspiracy black ops missions, and none was responsible for deleting your comments in my earlier post. This may be a problem with the Blogger software, and we'd like to report it. Please le us know in either a comment to this post or by e-mail what your original comments were and when you posted them. Thanks.

The Management

ahh, another reader lost, here is a link to his page.
I can't tell you how much the word "boyz" bothers me. It conjurs the image of us wearing wife beaters and wearing chains and hats pulled sideways. In some circles, fifty years ago the greeks, portugese and italians were considered more black than white. That just is not true today. You don't get more white than our group. Hell, when sip takes off his shirt by the pool, the reflection can be seen from space.
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