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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Is it me...

Does this AP story on the constitution's passage betray just a tiny bit of dissapointment?

No you are right TJ, it does. The thing that bugs me is, well the obvious. Once we eventually pull out, it should take more then a decade before this "constitution" is turned into toilet paper(although unused in the region, as they prefer the hand). In the whole I don't think it was a waste of time, as some semblance of US instilled decency will still remain(like not beating your wife on the sabbath), but whole and whole, I believe these (those from Iraq) are relics from the stone age, and should be shot on sight so as too not disturb the progress of socialism worldwide.
Oh, and another thing, there is no such thing as Mohamed, the real God is Jesus.
"A major step in the attempt to establish a democratic government that could lead to the withdrawal of U.S. troops."

I just love that quote. Can we use the world "Victory". Remember Victory - accomplishing our goals and leaving. I can just imagine the headlines on V-J Day. "U. S. Withraws From The Pacific!"

I don't buy into linguistics - but I've noticed (Mark Steyn wrote about this a couple days ago too) that journalists' language conveys their 'neutrality' in a really pathetic pro-terrorist way. We no longer have Japs Krauts or Terrorists - we have "insurgents" or "rebels" and their laughable propoganda statements are given the same amount of space as our statements of fact. See the above story for yet another example.

It's looking like - once again - the good guys are going to win, but - don't fault the media for not trying hard enough to make us fail.
Absolutely, the passage of this constitution is a great turning point. Right after that the Iraqi will start greeting us with candy and flowers. Then our victorious troops will come home. We will have a great big ticker tape parade down main street. Jimmy Stewart will be there with ZuZu's petals.

This time for sure!

The curtain is closing on you clowns. DeLay - indicted. Tomorrow Libby and Rove - indicted. Soon Frist - indicted. Where will the investigation go next?

The great republican Social Security giveaway - crushed.

Latest poll shows only 29% or Americans like the Gop controlled congress. That new bankruptcy law that just went into effect will be bearing fruit this year. Things are looking good for the 2006 midterms.

Back into the doghouse you go. We will staunch the bleeding, and we will reverse all your ludicrous tax cuts and giveaways. We will bring our troops home, and we will apologize to the world: "Sorry world, our country was being run by morons!" Unfortunately we won't be able to bring back all the people you idiots killed with your incompetence, and it will take many decades to rebuild our standing in the world.
Braveheart, I couldn't fit my response within the confines of this site, so please go here. Thanks.
Pretty soon you guys are going to have to change your name to What this administration has done to this country is embarrassing. I can't decide which is worse the torture or the criminal neglect. Maybe it's the letting a spy in the white house.
Gleek, your penetrating argument has finally convinced me of the truth I have so long denied. If only we had fine upstanding men like Sandy Burger running our foreign policy again! Not to mention the intellectual giants like Warren Christopher, Jimmy Carter, and Madeline Albright!

I remember about this time in the year prior to the Presidential election how arrogant and cocky you liberals were about the 2004 elections. That's what made it feel twice as good this time around. Our "draft-dodging chicken-hawk" got 4 million more votes than your windsailing war "hero." All the stunts -- the orchestrated and phony charges by Joe Wilson, and Clark, and the fake documents, and the crippled vet wheeling himself to the door at Crawford -- they all failed.

This is all pointless anyway. You guys have made it clear that you think we stole the election in 2000 and 2004. Let's assume (a) you actually believe your own rhetoric and (b) it is actually true, we did steal the election. What makes you think that we won't steal it in 2006 and 2008? I'll call the folks at Diebold and Haliburton and they will gin up another GOP landslide in 2006.

Let's face facts. You can't beat something with nothing. What do you support? Higher taxes? US out of Iraq? Nationalized health care? More welfare spending? God out of schools? Hey, you might win some victories in the courtroom, but on issue after issue you Lose. Lose. Lose. Lose.

Bush staked out the case on Social Security. The votes aren't there. But in the long run, who do you think wins that battle? Do you honestly think the American people are going to raise taxes by a third to pay for social security for the baby boomers? No. At some point, the self-interest of American politicians will swing in the other direction. The price of doing nothing will eventually be far more costly (politically and otherwise) than taking action. I'm all for keeping social security the way it is, so long as we call it what it is -- a tax. It isn't a program. It isn't security for me. It is a tax for me to pay for old people to retire. That's fine. I like old people. But don't kid yourself. The program is a disaster waiting to happen. It is a giant ponzi scheme and our failure to fix the program now so it can serve the next generation will be viewed as unconscionable. Our children will ask us -- didn't you idiots know how to do basic math? How could you not see this coming?! So dance your jig. That's a big victory. Your kids will thank you for it when they are working three jobs to pay their taxes.

Luckily for us, every time the left reveals its true self, the American electorate starts to think that George Bush looks pretty darn good. You can't keep yourselves in a closet forever. Eventually, you slip up. Your candidates' reveal their contempt for people who go to church. Or say the pledge. Or fly the flag. Or join the military. Or shop at Wal-Mart.

You can't win elections by calling Republicans names. You need ideas. What, did "racist" stop working? Is "baby-killer" unfashionable now?

George Bush demonstrated leadership -- now Iraqis and Afghanis have a say in their future. Is that a guarantee things will go well in either country? Nope. Freedom is an experiment. As Franklin said, we have... "a republic, if we can keep it." They have an historic opportunity and they only have it because America didn't listen to the left. You were wrong about the "brutal afghan winters" and the vaunted Republican guard in Iraq. You were wrong that the UN was the right approach for dealing with Saadam -- as it turns out, they were on his payroll. You were wrong about delaying the January elections. And the global test.

The one thing you were right about is that there were no WMDs. Kudos.

I'll give you this. You guys on the left have been very consistent. From opposing the ground war in Afghanistan, to the invastion of Iraq, to the rebuilding process, the one thing you can count on is that America is in the wrong. Each and every time.

Trying hard to figure out why the left thinks we need a broader multilateral coalition in Iraq and one on one talks with Korea. Easy to figure out. Pick the choice that makes America weaker and our enemies stronger. That's the choice the left will support every single time.

Go click on Jason's link again. You deserve it.
I head Tom Delay is getting his mugshot today.
Dude, don't head Tom Delay - that's not cool.

Thanks for the concern. I meant to say
" I heard Tom Delay is getting his mugshot today."

I can understand how this is a natural mistake for you given your *ahem* experience. Please elaborate on your personal experience giving Mr. DeLay some head. What wasn't cool about it?
wow.... we must have some very committed repuglicans on this board.
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