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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I've been waiting all day for some comment. Who is going to go first? Is the hold up due to long drafts being prepared?

I believe her actions cause the Bush Administration more harm than good. It causes them to look weak, and for the first time, able to be pressured into making decisions. I think they are now operating from a position of weakness.

Any thoughts on a new nominee?

Maybe you will all get the fight you have been looking for?!

Yes, I believe the White House was pressured into this decision. But, the pressure Bush responded to came from the Right. I don't think this changes anything for Bush and how he deals with the Left.

As for a fight, the timing could be better. The climate has changed since a month ago. Now we have these indictments supposedly coming.

Given the reasoning behind the withdrawal (the Senate Judiciary Committee had asked for documents she had worked on as the White House's top lawyer. The president refused, calling the request "a red line I'm not willing to cross."; does this preclude someone like Al Gonzalez who served as counsel?
I hate to be contrarian, but I think the selection of Meiers was itself the example of operating from a position of weakness. Have to nominate a woman- weakness. Can't nominate other woman candidates because some senator, probably Specter, said so- weakness. I agree this hurts Bush. It would have been far better to have nominated a good candidate the first time. But we've been burned too many times on court picks.

I hope it is Janice Rogers Brown. She's already been confirmed by the Senate - what, a year ago? Seems like a high bar for the Senate to cross to say what's changed between now and then. She's a judge. She's qualified. She's conservative. Makes sense to me.
This withdrawal should have been done a week to 10 days ago. Yes it hurts the administration, but whomever gets confirmed to the SC will serve for years past this administration (cool down JPC...I've heard your previous arguments), and the decisions the SC makes will impact decades to come.

The Senate 'Gang of 14' (or whatever they call themselves) confirmed several conservative judges months ago, and it would be hard for these same senators to then vote against one of those conservative judges if one of them is nominated to the SC.
Judges should definitly not be picked on the basis of sex, now that that has shown true, lets see a trusty true conservative get nominated.
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