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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
New Rule

Jason's earlier post, refers to the "SCG boyz." I reacted in the post, but I think this brings up an important issue.

I do not believe we should ever use the phrase "boyz" again. I'll repeat some of my comments from earlier, but I think they bear repeating.

I can't tell you how much the word "boyz" bothers me. It conjurs the image of us wearing wife beaters and wearing chains and hats pulled sideways. That is just disturbing.

In some circles, fifty years ago the greeks, portugese and italians were considered more black than white. That just is not true today. You just don't get more white than our group. That's neither a bad thing nor a good thing. It's just a fact.

Let's face it, when Sip takes off his shirt by the pool, the reflection can be seen from space.

God, I hope I have never used it in a previous post. Damn this all knowing "internet."

Peace out, J.

Rule #2.

Never talk about Sip taking his clothes. By the pool. In the Park. Anywhere. Ever.

Thank you SCG Boyz.
fo shizzle
My pasty white skin enhances my ripped pipes and washboard when I flex by the pool.
Enough already - Sip says that Scott is getting turned on.
No doubt.
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