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Friday, October 28, 2005
Please try to contain yourselves...

Good lord. Why does every dem/lefty I know feel the need to call or yack at me, downright giddy, over the Scooter Libby indictment?

All day with big grins on their faces: In meetings, "got to get back to my desk and check on the indictments." In the parking lot, "well, one down!"

I mean really, please try to contain yourselves out there. I realize I may be the one Republican/conservative you know and asscoaite with, but really - I don't care. If they prove he lied, put him in a cell. But is this what your spending your gloating dollars on? Really? Must be pretty lonely out there.

Make sure to congratulate them. The real source of power for conservatives has always been Scooter Libby, a man whose name 99.9999% of people did not even know until last week. Clearly, this is going to complicate Dick Cheney's chances in 2008!

You can also add that it is good to finally see them come around to our position that lying under oath is a crime. Plus, only 48 other indictments and the Bush administration will pull even with the Clintons!
And in only 5 years too. Bush always was an over achiever.
Republicans will soon be as far from old Scooter as they can get(see Jason's post), and it only makes sense. My non commissioned officer in charge (by boss) say it right. Last week after a team drunk( paid for by you) in D.C. he said, "your lucky none of you guys got arrested, because you may be the number one team in our state, but if you had, all that would quickly be forgotten". Scooter got indicted, sort of like getting arrested, and all anyone will ever remember him for is that, and from a very safe political distance.
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