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Saturday, October 22, 2005

This picture made my day.

I have to hand it to Tom DeLay. Earle and the Democrats were hoping to use the booking photo as part of a PR campaign against him and Republicans in general. The TV stations all showed the photo, but it wasn't quite what the left had wished and hoped for.

DeLay is a confident man. Perhaps he is overconfident. What you have not seen from DeLay is dissembling. He is out there, doing media and standing up against this. I respect him far more for this than I ever did.

The judge in this case has a clear conflict of interest, having donated to groups directly opposing DeLay and his effort to elect a Republican legislature in Texas.

I think DeLay's days as majority leader were numbered prior to this trumped up legal circus. Now, I am nearly 100% certain that he will serve another 6-8 years as majority leader. Keep in mind, I blame DeLay for the failure of the House GOP to stand up against wasteful spending (I have no hopes for the Senate GOP).

Prediction: Tom DeLay will use THIS headshot in his own campaign literature. There will be a minor flap when Democrats doctor the photo for their campaigns (putting in the prisoner numbers, using a frowning DeLay or some such thing...).

I l-o-v-e this mug shot. I've never had one taken (hope I never do), but if it ever happens, I'll smile just like this.

Delay's approval in his district is now 18%. I'm sure he can use political jujitzu with this prosecution and leverage it to boost himself, but he will probably run against a democratic congressman in the next election...could be a close one.

Isn't there a lot of jockeying behind the scenes for power moves? Won't it be harder for Delay to retain Majority Leader the longer he has 'stepped aside?'
I think he looks like a guilty, nervous white guy, but thats just me and my unused intelligence background talking.
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