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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Uncommon Common Sense...

From a recent Deory Murdock piece on the risks and rewards of pharmaceuticals:

"Drug makers should market whatever they wish, provided they frequently disclose the numbers of deaths and serious side effects associated with their products along with the numbers of people taking them. Patients and doctors should compare risks and rewards and consider individual circumstances instead of categorical edicts. Forbidding and mothballing drugs may satisfy those jeopardized by certain compounds, but doing so often amplifies the agony of those for whom the disease remains worse than the cure."

I agree, but it is also important to remember that the drug companies have two goals, to help relieve or cure aliments, and to make a healthy profit. The latter does probably sometimes make there efforts less then honorable. Take ritalin. I weekly have to disqualify an individual because they took ritalin. Lets face it, we were all young, and most of us probably had symptoms of add, but they go away. The answer today is to give your kid acting like a kid a pill. Yes the doctors prescribe it, but they have been for a long time snuggling under the sheets with the big drug companies.
Jeez Mark, for an independent thinking guy like yourself, them's some pretty spoonfed comments. The pursuit of profit is largely responsible for the relief and cure of ailments. Ya know?

I have no illusions about the "benevolence" of corporations - big pharma, big oil, big whatever - but I sure as hell don't see them as the enemy either.
No your right it is, I just don't like when the quest for profit screws with national defense. Maybe we should lower the standards some more, so that the kids swallowing thier uneeded psychotropics can join too.
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