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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
The American "Insurgency"

In a fawning bio of the liberal Pseudo Patriot Paul Hackett in Mother Jones a disturbing trend seems to have started. The piece is headlined "The Ohio Insurgency" - I was mildly surprised by the choice of words, but read on.

Midway through the piece I read this:

IN THE FINAL WEEK of the campaign, the big guns arrived in southern Ohio...Hackett had his own secret weapon, though. With a conspiratorial flourish, he ushered me into the Goldminer’s Inn, a dive around the corner from campaign headquarters and the lair of what he called “the insurgents.” Huddled in a smoky corner were Bob Brigham and Tim Tagaris of Swing State Project and Matt DeBergalis of the liberal fundraising website They had come from California, Massachusetts, and northern Ohio armed with laptops, cellular modems, and digital cameras, their weapons of choice in rallying the online troops.

The bloggers were cocky about what the netroots—the online version of the grassroots—could deliver. Brigham, a tall, skinny 27-year-old software designer clad in well-worn low-slung jeans declared, “We can move people, money, and message, and do it 24/7. We’re non-state actors, and this is postmodern politics.” His dispatches from the candidate’s living room, his car, and from the bar were posted by his and other widely read blogs such as Daily Kos and MyDD; in all, he said, more than 50 bloggers had helped raise money and turn out volunteers for Hackett.
The insurgents delivered big time: They out-fundraised the national Democratic Party, hauling in some $500,000 of the campaign’s $850,000 total, with nearly 9,000 people giving an average of $50 each.

Now, the allusion to po-mo politics is irking enough - but "The Insurgents" is almost criminal. "The Insurgents" are killing Americans every day. "The Insurgents" are beheading our troops. "The Insurgents" want to return to the days of ethnic cleansing and enforced rape.

It's nice to see that Paul Hackett and the Democratic Blogosphere have embraced this title as their rallying cry.

Oh...but I forgot - they "support" our troops.

last time I checked paul hackett actually served his country in a time of war defending your chicken hawk right to besmirch him. pretty ironic huh. thankfully people in this country have finally woke up and are sending people like you to pasture or prison.
Well said trueamericanpatriot!

The tide is turning. Just yesterday we had two states trash their republican governors and elect democrats. Did all of the "governators" ballot initiatives go down to defeat?

Lots of Republican incumbents are polling badly for the upcoming 2006 election.
Once we control congress again there will be hearings, then an impeachment. I hope to see the lot of them in jail.
Ouch. I hate to agree with trueamericanpatriot..ouch, that was stinging. Remember, its not to late for any of you six conservative guys to escape chickenhawkom forever. All you need do is call 1-800-goguard to find a recruiter in your area, then, you can rest well at night knowing that you are part of the solution...which as far as I see it is war.
It's great to see TrueAmericanPatriot has the time to post while on duty in Iraq. I mean, I can only assume... since otherwise he wouldn't have the moral authority to talk about whether or not we should be at war, right?

It's a stupid non-argument, but it hurts more coming from Mmark than lefties who are fighting to prevent recruiters like mark from doing their job.

Thanks for your service, True Patriot!
That's right, I am unamerican because I don't support the bashing of a decorated veteran by a chicken hawk. As a lefty I don't support the troops because jesus taught me it is wrong to kill. I believe the words he used were " if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn and offer him your left unless they give young girls abortions then you may shoot them with a high powered rifle."
now that my friend is a stupid non-argument and you can take it to the bank.
Sorry TJ, but I'm always looking for a chance to plug 1-800-goguard. I was wrong, the "truepatriot" was in fact a "it's ok to kill babies, but not ok to kill Islamic scum", and for that I apologize.
Remember, it is against federal, and all state(s) laws to dismiss, or otherwise treat employee's unfavorably for there decision to join the National Guard. In this war, we can bring the fight to them, or wait until they bring it to us, so all help is appreciated; regardless of how many kids you have or how much you make.
Anyway, sorry TJ, I was just diggin for a plug.
mmark I think you misunderstood me. I think it is ok to kill terrorists and babies. If it were up to me I would even kill the mentally retarded or at the very least enlist them. They could clear mines at least.
Sorry I misunderstood you Patriot, I appreciate your comments. Now I'm sure your views are motivated by something that you truly believe is real, as are mine. You think it is wrong to invade a part of the world that has repeatedly shown aggression twords the USA, but at the same time, you think it is perfectly fine to take an unborn child, and suck it from its mothers womb so that she may not be inconviened by being a mother.
Liberalism, much like pornography, is entertaining, but still not an idea that will ever be fully socially accepted.
Take Homosexual's for an example. Now I don't know if your gay, but I am quite sure that you support Gay marriage and wish for people of same sex marriages to hold the same rights as regular people do, and by regular I mean not gay.
Now I am sure you would assume me, and the SCG"S are opposed to gay marriage as anything other then short order humor at a sea side restaurant, and you would be correct. To understand why we would oppose such a thing would be your difficulty. We don't hate Gays, and don't think they should be stomped merciously by mobs. We do understand, and beleive, much like we believe abortion is wrong, that there is no natural reason for two men or women to be married. Women and Men have kids, heceforth propigating the species of humans, gays just have sex, live in cute places, and otherwise make people uncomfortable, so they deserve no special benies.
Back to the war thing. I too think it is ok to kill terrorists, and if I didn't I would not be able to live with myself. You take your security as a guarenteed right. You disregard the protection our service men and CIA operatives give you because it is not a direct form of protection;ie. there are not people waiting outside of the gay bar to see you safely to your car. Even though they may not directly protect you, they do indirectly. Any public event you have attended lately, I promise there are soldiers there. They won't be in uniform, but if bad things happen, they are ready to try and save your life, so that you may make it home for bong hits and the Daily Show.
You of course, are not required to appreciate the efforts of these few, but, well, why don't you try to lighten up.
wow, quite a laundry list of things you got there mmark. I don't know how you got to gay marriage and then to the whole "a few good men speech" but I have to hand it to you for creativity. I wonder about the whole man/woman procreation argument since invitrofertiliztion has been around for 30 years and in another 50 when cloning is a reality, and gay marriage is accepted what you will end up doing. Most likely grumbling on a bench about how everyone else is wrong but your right.
No Patriot, society will never fully embrace your ilk.
Yes, invitrofertilization is a reality, and, before corrupted, was intended so that males and females who were unable to have children naturally could try. Now it is used by sinlge moms, and various gay couples, male and female, to bring children into a not so natural enviroment.
I don't mind gays adopting, I mean the kids are on the outs anyway, putting them in an unusual and unnatural situation is probably better for them in the long run. I do oppose the creation of a child through science so that two misfits can play mommy and daddy. When cloning is a reality, gay people can clone themselves, so that everyone is gay, and then use invitro to reproduce, that way the species will propigate, Pretty soon, if all goes well, everyone will be gay and peace will reign at last. Until China deides to invade, and then forces all of you into slave labor as interior designers, forcing you to work 80 hours weeks redisgning the slums of China. Then you'll miss us stupid conservatives who have the moral capacity to choose beetween right and wrong.
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