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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Brain Teaser

Nordlinger posed the following question today: “If you could put Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court, or risk her becoming president, what would you do?”


Not me. I'd put her on the Supreme Court. She's one vote of several (yes, she could be there for many years).

But - as president, she could appoint several young, left-wing lunatics, and pack the federal and appellate courts.

I'd put her on the S.C.
Hell, put Bill on there, that would spice things up. I always thought that Bill Clinton, given his age, had hoped to serve on the court after his Presidency was over. Thankfully, losing his law license (even temporarily) is likely to put a crimp in those plans.

His hopes are now focused on leading the UN as Sec. General someday. If the Republican Congress continues to move left (speaking of ANWR, spending, etc...), there will be more and more speculation that Democrats will take over the House in 2006. If Dem hopes look reasonable (at least to the media), early next year there will be speculation that Bill Clinton will serve as Speaker if the Dems take over the House. The Speaker does not have to be a member. Though the Speaker has traditionally been a member, the President does not traditionally have sex with interns in the oval office, so Clinton has shown a willingness to ignore convention and - ahem - get creative.

For the record, I don't think either a GOP loss of the House or Clinton speakership is likely, but I think it will be the subject of considerable speculation on the cable shows.
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