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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A BYU professor says the WTC was demolished by explosives from within, not as a result of the airplanes loaded with jet fuel (see story here). I guess this means we can stop asking why they hate us. He doesn't go so far as to say it, but if that's true, then it is entirely possible that Atta and his pals were actually on a rescue mission to warn the people of New York. That would explain why we are honoring them with a giant Islamic crescent at the site of the crash of Flight 93.

If you get a chance, send Dr. Jones an e-mail at For MMark and others who prefer the more direct route, you can also call him at his office at 801-422-2749, his office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:20-11:00 am.

Please be assured that I've already sent him the tin foil hat link -- he needs to know that tin foil will not protect him from the Rovean mind ray.

Update: Post is slightly revised to include links and reference the Flight 93 memorial design (which honors the terrorists rather than the heroes).

I did some internet research in this guy, and he very clearly mis-trusts the government. I do have to say though, that he is refering "l building"

to the WTC-7, not the twin towers. I looked at video of the WTC-& falling, and after reading his scientific rants it does make you go hmmmmm.
Mark - you are as unpredictable as you are entertaining. Let me get this straight -- he wasn't referring to the WTC, just building 7. So... the whole planes flying into the towers was just a way to distract us from the real objective of 9/11, to destroy WTC-7?

The rumor that not a single Israeli perished in the towers because the jews were behind it also made me go hmmm, as in "hmmm, this person is a wacko."

Popular mechanics has already debunked this stuff, but here is the link if your lips get tired from hmmm-ing.

Professor jones seems to think it was all three buildings, not just one. In his words, "It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three (WTC) buildings..." Of course, lots of things are plausible to your warped mind if you hate America enough. The correct word is not plausible, but "inconceivable."

Don't think this type of stuff is harmless -- this false allegation will spread throughout the arab world. After all, we all know the Jews killed Arafat and were warned in advance of 9-11, right?
Calm down TJ, your in academics for pete's sake. I am not suggesting that the Jews did anything wrong, as I know they never have, well since they killed Jesus anyway. The video of WTC-7 is interesting to watch though, because a second before it falls windows on the left and right side of it all explode outwards "as if" some explosion might have happened. In fact if you watch the video, and if you didn't know what building it was, you would presume that it was a controled explosion. For the record though, I don't buy into his hypothesis, and I don't believe there was any explosion. I just found it interesting, sort of like I find watching shows about alien abductions interesting.
The world does not know that the Jews killed Arafat by the way, they just presume it, sort of like people presumed a pre-trial Buddy Cianci was guilty. Also, the jews being warned of the WTC attacks is old news, the hot topic now is the jews getting warning of the Jordan bombing, because we all know that Jordan is the number one vacation spot among rich Israelies.
Onto wheather or not its harmless or not, I think it is not. People in the Arab world already hate the jews. You know that guy who owns the convience store you frequent, he hates jews. You know that French exchange student staying with your neigbor's, she hates Jews. Did you know that every single person in the middle east, with the exception of English and US troops, hates the jews. Don't worry about the Jews, they do pretty good taking care of themselves.
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