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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
The Democrats Winning Strategy: Run Away!

Mark Steyn has a great article that points out that it isn't that American bombs are creating terrorists, but terrorist bombs that are creating new enemies for Al Queda.

The left has its panties in a bunch about White Phospherous or some such nonsense and argues that this type of American aggression -- targeted these days at mostly foreign born terrorists -- leads to more and more anti-Americanism. At the same time, countless acts of butchery and terror directed against muslim civilians by Al Queda has absolutely no effect on public opinion -- and to the extent that it does have an effect, it leads to more anti-Americanism. Funny, how it is always lose-lose for America in the eyes of the left.

Here's Steyn's take on the left's call for premature evacuation:

In war, there are usually only two exit strategies: victory or defeat. The latter's easier. Just say, whoa, we're the world's pre-eminent power but we can't handle an unprecedently low level of casualties, so if you don't mind we'd just as soon get off at the next stop.

Demonstrating the will to lose as clearly as America did in Vietnam wasn't such a smart move, but since the media can't seem to get beyond this ancient jungle war it may be worth underlining the principal difference: Osama is not Ho Chi Minh, and al-Qa'eda are not the Viet Cong. If you exit, they'll follow. And Americans will die - in foreign embassies, barracks, warships, as they did through the Nineties, and eventually on the streets of US cities, too.

Read the whole thing.

"The left has its panties in a bunch about White Phospherous." That is an unbelievable statement. I wonder what it feels like to a 7 year old caught in the crossfire to have their skin melt off. It's amazing that all the chickenhawks are for torture and using banned weapons but I guess when you have a false notion that war is like the an xbox game and only bad guys get killed, it sort of makes sense. open your mind
Thanks for proving my point Aletheia. The link doesn't work, by the way. I'm hoping it was a link to earlier postings you have made to express your outrage that our enemies are targeting innocent women and children. Perhaps it is a link to a post in which you express your disgust with Al Queda's recent attack on a wedding celebration in Jordan? As for an open mind, when it comes to our enemies, cowardlyl terrorist child killer religious extremists, I have to admit, I don't have an open mind. I want them dead.
proving your point? I don't think you can find me saying that american troops intentionally target civilians but let me clue you in on a well known fact--civilians get killed. I guess with the ends justifies the means attitude you sleep well at night. sorry about the link mix up
i just don't understand why you guys hate are troops so much and want them to be put in harms way without the proper gear and proper strategy. I'm sure you will be thinking of them as you eat thanksgiving turkey and they are eating mre's and as you take a nap on the couch you can dream of being real men out in the field.
We hate the troops! That's a great one. Talk about projection.

I'll say this slowly: The job of the military is to fight wars. It is a volunteer military. Everyone there volunteered for service. I am extremely proud of all of them, but I do not look at the world through the eyes of a liberal, so I don't need to imagine that everyone is a "victim".

In my world, heroes are people who go out and do difficult and dangerous jobs for the benefit of others. The men and women in the military are heroes, including MMark who could be put in harms' way at any point in time.

We disagree on whether this war is necessary. But all of us have seen the people you stand with -- we were down in washington for the march against the war -- and if there is anybody hating the military, it isn't on our side of this argument.

Of course, you know that. Every once in a while, a college professor or some other lefty compatriot of yours forgets the talking points and says what they really believe -- that's the moment when they blurt out that our troops should shoot their own officers or compare the enemy to the minutemen.

My problem with you, Aletheia, is that you are supposedly all about "truth." Yet you can't even tell the truth about what you believe. This is a website with hardly any readers... so why do you feel a need to pretend you care about the troops?

The fact is, you and your drugged up wanna be hippie pals hate military guys. If you were in the military, you must not have fit in very well because I can't understand why you would spend your days working to undermine your brothers and, through your rhetoric, prolonging the day of victory.

It's funny. All indications are that the guys in the field doing the fighting are signing up in record numbers to stay and finish the job. I'm sure they would rather be enjoying turkey at home, like me, or even tofu at the commune like you, but they chose to stay and finish the job.

That's an honorable and heroic thing to do -- and it is what separates them from almost everyone else -- including me and you.

I look up to those guys. That's why I want to make sure they can detain enemy combatants, and use weapons like white phosphorous to kill them quickly and with fewer losses on our side. Don't tell me it is a banned chemical weapon. It isn't. That's why the military trains warriors and really smart attorneys to advise them on military matters and not lefty dropouts and drug users.
"All indications are that the guys in the field doing the fighting are signing up in record numbers to stay and finish the job" talk about projection--this is just an outright falsehood. in what way have I said anything that doesn't support the troops. plug). let me repeat this again, exercising my right as an american citizen does not give comfort to the enemy and anyone who says it does is undermining what the soldiers are giving their lives for. Now I'll start using your tactics--Why do you pretend to care about the troops if your so right wing. It's obvious you want them to die and leave there kids without fathers or mothers. How could you feel this way and call yourself an american. Instead of giving your kids presents for chritmas you should donate the money for the proper equipement for our troops.
Check out Ralph Peters column from August 2005. "Every one of the army's ten divisions - its key combat organizations - has exceeded its re-enlistment goal for the year to date."

He notes that this is record re-enlistment.

There is a distinction to be made between re-enlistment and enlistment. The guys who are there -- there heroes -- are signing back up. Since they can go home when their enlistment's expire, it seems like they are voting in record numbers in support of the war effort.

While I am at it, I wanted to ask again, whether YOU were a veteran? I'm not. But I would be interested in knowing where you served, given your affiliation with that web site you shamelessly plug.

Where did you go to basic training? What was your job in the military? What branch of the service, division, etc...? How long did you serve, where?

If you served, thank you. If you didn't, don't be ashamed of it -- that's the choice made by most people of our generation. As Lonsberry's column aludes to, it is a shame more young people spend their days serving in front of an X-box rather than for their country. That's why we need to give recruiters a bigger role in high schools. I am sure you would agree, given how much you love the military.
TJ is correct about his recruitment statements, all of them. The National Guard met it recruitment mission in october for the first time in quite some time, and all of the services are rebounding. Even with the liberal thought police trying to keep us out of schools, the recruits keep coming, and they will continue to come, as this country will never run out of patriots. I don't know why aLETHEIA and his ilk try to protect us, worrying about the soundness of our equipment. We do not like your kind. You hold up pictures of children to protect the enemy. You don't care about me and my ilk, you only pretend to. Don't try to protect us with false concern when all you want to do is oust the administration that kept you and keeps you on the streets where you belong.
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