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Friday, November 04, 2005
Football Picks

JPC Jacksonville over Houston

Scott San Diego over New York Jets

Sip Tennessee over Cleveland (SIP's still in....he took his Mulligan!)

Sip - is being ignored. There are no mulligan's in football.

Matt - We have the same pick this week. I also think that the Giants will beat the Cody Pickett 49ers. See my e-mail from yesterday to the blog-site. But in the interest of keeping this competitive, I'll go with my back-up pick of


Let's try to come up with a system of not having the same picks. Maybe sending an e-mail into the blog-site and letting Jason or Sip pick it up and post it when they are both in. If the same team is picked by both of us, then that team is rejected for that week and we both have to pick a second. Any thoughts?

Scott - good idea. None of us should have the same pics...could unnecessarily stretch things out.

Let's just make it easy...whoever gets the pic in first gets to keep it, and it's off-limits for the others?
Scott - 1.) let's constinue to ignore Sip. 2.) In fairness, I will also switch to Jacksonville over Houston. 3.) Who is Matt? 4.) I don't check the mailbox. Why don't you just put your pick on the site?
Or I could go along with your recommendation - as long as fair minded Jay is the arbitrator and responsible for posting/managing the picks. I don't trust that weasel Sip.
I think this weekend there's a real chance Houston, NY Jets, and Tennessee will win. I'll start preparing my list of favorite liquor.
JPC - I agree. Sip is a weasel. And thanks for MAN-ning up and changing your pick. This two man race needs a little spark (not mention closure).
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