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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Football Survivor

Scott took the prize this weekend. I was eliminated with the Green Bay win over Atlanta. Kudos to Scott! We can each send him a bottle of his favorite - I don't know if it is light beer or some flavor of swirlee.

Are we going to have a second round? If so, some new rules are in order and have been discussed. I will defer Scott the Greek (fitting) or Jackpot Jay to outline the new rules.

This will save you guys a lot. Instead of a bottle of liquor, I'll take my winnings by the case of beer. Sam Adams and Sam Adams Lite, please.
Jerky - clearly you haven't bought booze in a while. A bottle of Maker's Mark is about $22. What's a case of Sam Adams go for? And which do you think is cheaper to ship?

Hey, I'm in Paris - and I haven't seem a fire yet - what's up with that?
Geez - I just want this to be win-win for all. No shipping. I can collect over time. Sip, you're obviously stuck with the first payment. Is that fair?
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