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Friday, November 18, 2005

EJ Dionne had a fit last week complaining how unfair it was for the Republicans to force the Democrats to take a side on the war in 2003.

I wonder what he will say about this -- the House plans to vote today on a measure to immediately withdraw troops.

The Democrats have enjoyed being on both sides of the issue. There are too many troops and there are not enough "boots on the ground". We should have destroyed the Iraqi army when we had the chance, and we should have put the Iraqi army back in charge. We should pull out immediately and we should stay until the job is done.

Now they will have to make it clear exactly where they stand. We may see them walk out and refuse to vote -- that wouldn't surprise me at all.

There is no question that immediate withdrawal would be a disaster on par with Vietnam. It would embolden the Terrorists, abandon our Iraqi allies, and ultimately lead to the creation of a terrorist state in Iraq.

This is a war of attrition. The more clear we make it that we are in the for the duration, the more likely it is for Iraqis to side with us (and freedom). The more we send mixed signals -- that we aren't in for the long haul -- the more we embolden the terrorists and encourage ordinary Iraqis to stay out of the fight until it is clear who wins.

Undermining the war effort emboldens our enemies and results in more dead Americans. But hey, everyone gets to define patriotism their own way, right. I like the old fashioned kind, personally, but to each their own.

Thank you Dennis Hastert for playing Santa.

TJ - you beat me by 2 minutes posting about the vote. It is quite a showdown, and Hastert is to be commended!
I have to hand it to Hastert. Brilliant political strategy. The dems really are playing it on both sides. They criticize the the administration because everything is going wrong - and they don't have to come up with their own answers. Forcing some answers out of them is a very good move. Like you said - they will probably just abstain, robbing Hastert's manoever of most of its punch. Still its good move. There is no way for the dems to win on that one.

On the other hand it looks like Fitzmas may happen more than once a year!
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