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Saturday, November 12, 2005
"In the Catholic Tradition"

I just recieved an invitation to a December event in Boston hosted by the alma mater of 5/6 of the SCG. Now, as many of you know, this school used to be Catholic. Now it is a school in the "Catholic tradition."

Apparently, however, Christmas is not in the "Catholic tradition." I know this because the invitation said that I was invited to a "Holiday Party" and it wished me, in very big letters HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Sad. I understand -- I don't like it, but I understand -- why in the secularized world we live in today that there is a lot more of the happy holiday stuff, but I never expected it from our "Catholic" college.

Um, maybe it's me, but shouldn't a Catholic college, even one that's only just in the "Catholic tradition," be allowed to host its graduates at a Christmas party? I mean, we all knew that the school was "Catholic" when we signed up. It's not like it's a big secret.

JPC, you have my permission to continue to withhold your money from the school....

I'm with you TIBS. My office is holding a "Yankee-Trader" and my wife's office is doing a
'Secret-SnowFlake". What happened to "Secret Santa" - the jolly fat guy is even secular but you can't say his name anymore. Everything is Happy Holidays now!

I personally don't understand it. Why should everyone dance around Christmas like it's a bad word? To me, that's offensive.

It seems like society at large is willing to make a big deal of the Christmas season but go out of their way to pretend it isn't related to Christmas.

It's so crazy!
“Catholic” Boston College Welcomes Gays.
They even have a strait person gay person student delegation.
When you allow liberals into your ranks at this level, you must expect the eventual "digression into political corectness gone to far" scenario.
Why would they want to offend the 2% percent of there non-Christian alumni with a card that says Merry Christmas, when they could just as easily punch the ticket endorsed by athiests, just as so to not offend.
Many things are like this in todays world. In fact, if we were not so afraid to offend the islamofacists we would have sound control over the war in Iraq by now, but we played nice, so we don't. Don't beleive me, well would Bush actually hosting a ramidin(sp?) regognition ceremony in the white house convince you. I wonder if he fasted just to fit in. I'm sure the president of BC did.
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