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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Lonsberry on the loose

Bob Lonsberry's column today is excellent. For those of you who don't know who the heck Bob Lonsberry is, he is a local writer and talk radio host in Rochester, NY. He's a funny guy and, I think, a great writer. He writes a daily column and I think this latest one is, as usual, pretty good.

More importantly, I think that MMark will want this for his recruiting posters:

America once defined rugged manhood, and rose on its broad shoulders to the top of the world. And if it is to stay there, it must return to its roots. It must get its spine back, it must demand that its men be men and that its boys get off the couch.

We are still strong, our people are still predominantly good. Most are who and what they should be. But there is a growing proportion of those who are weak and soft and who lack the drive a vigorous life requires.

Our social expectations must be raised, the duty of manhood must be made more clear, the shame of failing in that duty must be intensified. We must teach young men their role in society and the obligations which come with it.

We need men with muscles they didn’t get in a gym, a tan they didn’t get in a booth and a look they didn’t get from a stylist.

I have cut it from the article, now the challenge will be finding a place in local advertising where I can use it without it becoming a centerpiece of attack from someone more politically correct then me. I really do like it and intend to quote Mr. Lonsberry in some advertising piece.
what a great quote, remind me again of how many of you are veterans.
What a demonstration of wit. Remind me again how many of your gang are working to keep military recruiters off college campuses and running counter-recruitment efforts.

Tell me again how you will feel when Zarqawi is finally captured or killed? A bit disappointed?

Are you a veteran? Where did you serve? With what division/unit? Where did you do basic?

If you are a veteran, how does it feel to know you and your allies are undermining the war effort by giving comfort to the enemy?

Yeah, I thought so.
if only the right fought so hard against Al Qaeda as you do against your own countrymen. I would be thrilled if they caught zarqawi or osama(remember him). I am embarrassed at what the bush administration has done to a great country through its sheer incompetence. I guess wanting our soldiers to have armored humvees, body armor, along with enough troops and a good strategy sound like I am trying to support the war effort not undermine it. The undermining of the war effort was screwing it up from the beginning and then attacking your own countrymen for exercising their right that our veterans have died for.
What is more likely, that we will capture Zarqawi or that Bush will forget about him like he did Bin Laden. Remember him?

You guys I'm sure are a bunch of fat pasty faced couch warriors who break out in a sweat getting getting peanut butter cup ice cream from the fridge.

Other than me, MMark is probably the only person on this board who can 'rassle a bear. Next week is hunting season. So think of me, a tall manly, good looking anti-war conservative will be out in the woods with my 12 gage hunting deer.

You will be home watching manly commentary from such notable manly sportsmen as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. So next Monday, say a toast in my honor when you break into a ding dong.
I appreciate the assumption by Braveheart that I can rassle a bear, I can not. But I have raised a bus load of taliban out of caves and villages, so I'm sure the experience translates. I too am a tall, manly, good looking conservative, but I of course am not anti-war. I wonder braveheart, and with all seriousness, are you anti-war, or anti-"this war"? Being anti-"this war" is easy, as it has been so poorly handled, and with so few noticable positive results. I would bet your confusing yourself as a peace activist, when your really just anti-Bush.
mmmm... peanut butter cup ice cream.

The SCG's have seen the anti war activists up close. You may have actually been "rasslin" an anti-war activist female, they do somewhat remember bears. Was it wearing berkenstocks?
I meant resemble bears. Whatever.
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