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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Richardson Lies About Baseball Exploits

I am no fan of Bill Richardson. I always get the feeling that I'm watching a smarmy snake oil salesman when I see him. He obviously has his sights set on being President someday, and in the Clintonesgue mode, believe he will (and has) stoop(ed) to anything to get elected.

Richardson served in Congress from 1982 - 1997. He was ambassador to the U.N. in 1997 and Secretary of Energy from 1998 until 2001. He ran for an was elected Governor of NM in 2002.

Throughout his entire public career, Richardson liked to tout that he was selected by the then Kansas City A's in the 1966 baseball draft.

On Thanksgiving Day 2005, Richardson issued a press release stating that he just found out that he, in fact, was never drafted. Article here.

Hmmmmm? - Why did this admission take so long? Why did he release it on Thanksgiving Day? Why did some media outlets let him off the hook by stating "Richardson admitted to an error"?

Lying is an error, but it is more than an error and should be called as much.

Is anyone else bothered by this?

It's creepy. I had this old(about 50 years old) vet come in my office the other week, he was wearing a jacket with practically every patch the army has, ranger, special forces, path finder, air assualt, airborne, sniper, jump master, expert infantry, combat infantry...Now mmark is qualified in a few of the above mentioned schools, so he is able to speak inteligently about them, and so he did. The guy was a fraud. I didn't have the heart to make him feel bad when he couldn't respond to basic comments about his so said acomplishments, so I told him I had an appointment in Grand Haven and that I had to go, so he left. The guy didn't come into my office for buisness, just recognition for unacomplished deeds. I'm sure the guy, who claimed to be a retired Sgt Major, the highest enlisted rank, had at one point been in the military, he probably served one tour. I was embarassed for him. Men want to be men so badly that they sometimes mis-represent themselves, as has Bill Richardson.
The article states that "he (Richardson) said scouts had told him he "would or could" be drafted. "In my mind, that meant I had been drafted," Richardson said."

As you said, JPC, this guy will say anything. Hope it bites him, like Gore's internet claim.
I find his press release utterly clintonian -- I did some research on myself and found out that I was not actually drafted by a major league club! Classic.

But in the end, nobody will care.

People exaggerating their sporting careers is something along the lines of a fisherman (sorry, let's be pc about this - fisherperson) telling tales about the fish that got away.

Unless it turns out he didn't get drafted because of a history of felonilous assaults on transvestite prostitutes, my money is still on Clinton-Richardson as the Democrat ticket.

Notice the timing of the announcement -- the day before thanksgiving -- biggest travel day of the year. He is just getting it out there prior to the presidential race. Smart move. Best play for him now is to just laugh it off -- "Honest mistake, Tim. As a young person I spoke to some scouts and, well, you can't always believe what you hear and when you are a 17 year old looking to make it to the big leagues, sometimes I guess you hear what you want to hear. I love baseball, don't you?"
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