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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Thanksgiving and the Indian

Sadly...Thanksgiving is a time when we come together to celebrate the partnership between European settlers and Indians however, what is lost in this is celebration are the truly shocking conditions Indians perpetuated on the then-ethinic minorities in America and the ensuing genocide they are responsible for.

With control of the entire North American continent the Indians - in almost all cases - forcibly resisted any attempts by impovrished immigrant Europeans to gain food and shelter. The reason they did so was because Indians continued to pursue a lifestyle that required an extremely low density population density to sustain. This caused Indians to constantly come into contact with European immigrants, which as when different cultures clash, led to violence. Had the Indians practiced sustainible organic agriculture - like the newly arrived immigrants - they would have been able to live in peace.

This constant violence caused decreased agricultural production, decreased immigration and forced immigrants to live cheek-to-jowl in settlements, which spread disease. If anything, it is the unprovoked attacks on immigrant settlements which helped spread the diseases Indians eventually caught.

Blame must also be cast upon Indians for their crypto-capitalist economic system of land ownership. Instead of embracing a socialist or communitarian lifestyle which welcomed those 'without' (the European immigrants) to share in the bounty of their country, the Indians forced immigrants to 'pay' - both with trinkets and also their lives - for land which the Indians did not need to sustain themselves. It is shocking that, despite the fact that Indians claimed not to belive in land 'ownership', that they would force immigrants to pay for something the Indians did not believe they owned. The combined untold sums lavished on Indians to pay for these meaningless pieces of paper must indeed rank as one of the greatest swindles in history.

The horrors wrought by Indians however were not merely confined to one continent. During this period disease and ethnic and religious strife cut a swath through Europe. Violence in America prevented many needy indiginous Europeans from immigrating. Make no mistake, their deaths should be on the conscience of Indians throughout this country. While it is not for me to demand compensation from the Indians, it is an issue that should be studied. Payment, either though comps at Indian-owned casinos, or free passes to their Buffets may be one way for Indians to somehow make up for the genocide they wrought on Europeans in Europe and America.

So, this Thanksgiving, remember the brave and hardy Pilgrims - but never forget the crafty, treacherous and violent Indians.

1. What happened to LSC?
2. Your sign off, "So, this Thanksgiving, remember the brave and hardy Pilgrims - but never forget the crafty, treacherous and violent Indians," deserves to be in the top 10 things ever said on this site. I nearly fell off my chair laughing - - political incorrectness makes me laugh, as you know from first-hand experience.
I'm posting this over at my blog, good stuff.
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