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Monday, December 19, 2005
"Guilty as sin and twice as ugly"

Check out Bill Hennessy's comments on the left's reaction to Bush's speech:

I think back to the period 9/12/2001 through about 2/14/2002. Remember how liberals pretended to be Americans? They tried to say patriotic things. They mimicked us. They said “thank you” when they found out I was in the Navy (stealing Michael Crook’s money) for 11 years. They probably felt really good about themselves–like they were part of something bigger than themselves.

But then politics seduced them. They couldn’t be pro-American if that meant being pro-Bush or even Bush-neutral. If W = anti-terrorism, then they were determined to be NOT anti-terrorist. Otherwise, what would their friends think? What would the folks at the radical, rude bar say? So they started inventing reasons to be against America while pretending not to be FOR terrorism.

But that’s a difficult slope to stand on...

Their great hope was the 2004 election. The dream was to replace W with Kerry who would announce an immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. I’ll pretend, now, to know what many on the left were thinking based solely on my personal friendships with some lefties: They didn’t give a lick about Iraqis dying or Americans getting wounded and killed in battle. They wanted America to get a big black eye and lose credibility around the world. They wanted to be able stand on their roofs and shout, “I am GUILTY because I am American!”

They would have been wrong. Very wrong. They are guilty because they are un-American. Guilty as sin and twice as ugly. They seek not peace but war on the enemy’s terms. They seek not life but death wroght by The Other. They seek not nobility but scorn. They honor the traitor who lives by surrendering his fellows over the hero who dies defending an innocent stranger. Their view of the life is as foreign to me as palm trees to Antarctica. They live like bats in a Sunday school, benefiting from their environment while rotting it out from inside with their caustic droppings.

Posted mostly for our lefty readers -- who I love dearly as they are apparently our only ones! I was thinking he was a bit unfair in his comments, but then I realized he has the moral authority to say this because he served in the Navy! It must be true!

Hat tip: Malkin.

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