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Thursday, December 01, 2005
A HUGE mistake...

Bruins trade Joe Thornton.

Seriously, I'm pissed.

Amazing! Can Jerry Jacobs screw the Bruins fans any worse?! Primeau is worthless (former Sabre), I don't know anything about Sturm, and Stuart had a good rookie season a few years ago, but has done little since. And Thorton is only 26 years old!
Whatever. San Jose gets a 26 year old stud, a franchise player. The B's get Brad Stuart who is a decent defenseman - but nowhere near "franchise" status, and he was the centerpiece of the deal. Marco Sturm has speed and is a serviceable enough player, but not a 1st, and maybe not even a 2nd line player. And Wayne Primeau? I think Terry Frei of ESPN said best when he said he was certainly better than if the Sharks had said, "And we'll toss in a bag of pucks, too."
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