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Monday, December 19, 2005
Is Al Queda Eligible for the Family Share Plan?

What kind of country is this becoming where you can't even have a private conversation on your cell phone with a member of Al Queda stationed in Yemen or Pakistan? What about my rights!? How am I supposed to wish my cousin Ahjeb Happy Ramadan now? For the record, Ahjeb is no America hater, he joined for the tuition money and, if things go well, 72 virgins.

Defense Tech raises some questions about whether the NSA program is traditional wiretapping or something new (and more sinister!?...cue scary music). Hat tip: Instapundit.

My guess is that it has something to do with this -- the ability for authorities to use cell phones as receivers ALL THE TIME, whether or not the person being watched is on the phone or not.

I am definitely going to suggest that Ahjeb sign up on this new "do not wiretap" list that the feds are putting together.

This whole "wiretapping" story is just further evidence that the MSM and Defeatocrats just don't care or understand the war on terror.

I have seen so much carping about this "spying" on US citizens. there is absolutely no public information about the targets of the wiretaps; we don't know if the taregts are citizens, legal aliens or illegal aliens.

The bigger picture is that the Democrats are still stuck in thinking that the war on terror is a law enforcement matter. The Administration's goal in obtaining these wiretaps was not to present the evidence in court to get a conviction, the goal was to learn of and prevent possible attacks or to gather valuable intelligence about the network or operations ongoing in the US and their links to abroad.

I hope the Administration releases a list of all Members of Congres who were briefied. I have read that Pelosi, Reid, Daschle and Rockefeller were briefed. I am sure this news will incite the defeatist left since their great liberal icon Pelosi and Daschle knew about the program but did nothing to stop it.
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