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Friday, December 16, 2005
Is Tookie's execution a win-win?

Before we get too far away from Tookie's execution, I wanted to point out that one of the best arguments against the death penalty is that it is the 'easy way out' for murderers. The guilty, the argument goes, should suffer the pain of a life in prison, which is far worse than death. But Tookie was innocent, right? As a result, even if we can all agree the death penalty is bad, we should rejoice that Tookie was spared a much worse fate of life in prison.

Thank god he was spared the living hell that serial killer Richard Speck faced in his prison:

In 1996, five years after Speck's death, television journalist Bill Kurtis uncovered a bizarre 1980s home video of Speck, which was shot in his prison cell at Statesville Correctional Institute. On the video, Speck is donning a pair of woman’s breasts -- apparently a result of hormone treatments -- wearing panties and having sex with another inmate. Some segments also showed Speck indulging in drugs and bragging of his crimes. The tape was later shown on the television program "American Justice," causing a major scandal within the Illinois Department of Corrections. Officials at the prison later claimed that Speck and two other inmates obtained the video camera from the prison's educational building.

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