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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Now I get it

I'm sitting here watching Chris Matthews comparing our Defense Department to Tokyo Rose and it finally hits me. The liberals don't 'want' us to lose. What they want is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Take away our troops. They of course don't oppose the war - but they don't want recruiters to have the same tools about students that Verizon has about its customers or be able to enter our high schools. They 'support' the troops - but just in the abstract.

Take away our ability to hold terrorists. The rhetoric is as usual silly and self serving - but its circular logic deserves to be held up to well deserved ridicule. The argument goes as follows: We should release the terrorists. We should release them because we are fighting a war that may take decades to win. Because the war may be indefinite we shouldn't hold them indefinitely. I just wonder what would have happened if this argument had been advanced for German POWs in World War II.

Take away our ability to interrogate prisoners. Of course, it's not an opposition to the war, they just don't want us to become like 'them' - how very kind. We are forced to honor their mysogynist requests to the point of absurdity and it's a wonder that Laura Bush isn't forced to wear a burka - but we can hold our heads just a little bit higher. How pathetic.

Take away our weapons. Apparently the self-appointed moral dictators of liberal public opinion have decreed that Thou Shalt not use White Phosphorous. There was no rhyme or reason - but the decree came forth and thus our troops may henceforth be put in greater danger to help some mealymouthed Air America talk show host can claim that it makes us somehow 'better' than our enemy. Personally I thought that not lopping the heads off terrorists showed remarkable restraint on our part.

Don't let us demonize the enemy. Can you imagine being years deep into World War II without a single major motion picture or TV show that didn't show the Nazis as - bloodthirsty monsters? But today we live in bizzare universe where we can't 'demonize' the Islamo-Fascist enemy but if you're a Republican politician or a Wall-Mart executive, watch out!

Its defeat by a thousand critiques and now they want to control the information we share with the Iraqis and the world.

Today this 'scandal' has been 'exposed' - think of the consternation that would have occurred if anyone had found out that Ike had been lying to the world about Patton's plans to "Invade" Callais. Of course the press did - but they had a code of honor then. They cared more about freeing the world from tyranny than they did about getting on Meet the Press.

Its time for the liberals to come clean - winning this war would destroy every pre-concieved notion they have held about America and they are fighting tooth and nail to make sure this doesn't happen. Every mistake we make his been distorted beyond belief and every success has been marginalized and knowingly mocked.

Now I understand - they don't want us to lose this war - they just don't want us to have the means to fight it. (Of course if we do lose I'm sure they'll be kind enough to say 'I told you so')

here is an insightful quote from an article your kool-aided brain should read.

"To put this in perspective: From December 1941 to August 1945, the U.S. government mobilized an entire nation; manufactured a mighty arsenal; played a huge role in defeating the armies, air forces, and navies of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan; and emerged from battle poised to shape the destiny of half the globe. By comparison, from September 2001 to December 2005, the U.S. government has advanced to the point of describing a path to victory in a country the size of California." -- fred kaplan

read here
Off topic, but Chris, do you know that the National Guard is looking for JAG officers, and that they will pay off any student loans you have if any. The National Guard is often remembered for its less traditional occupations, like Tanker, but it also looking for qualified "professionals" to maintain it's higher ranks. With the way the liberal's are punishing our country's soldiers(burning bodies in Afghanistan...) a good conservative JAG lawyer is a great addition to the fighting forces. Visit, or call 1-800-go-guard for more details.
Actually I am considering being a JAG Attorney. I can't qualify for their honors program (they only took 2 applicants for NYC last year)but depending on where I live after I graduate, what I do and the time involved - it is a possibility.
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