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Friday, December 30, 2005
SCG: Favorite Posts of the year, part 1

Here are some of my favorite moments from the first six months of 2005. No particular order:

1. "Remember that pinhead" - One of the longest threads on the site - 28 comments... a slugfest between me, Braveheart, LSC and some others...

2. Condi's boots. "I hate to say it, but W's Secretary of State is WAY better looking than Clinton's secretary of state. There is no way Warren Christopher could have pulled off those boots."

3. Jason imagines a jury of Michael Jackson's peers...

4. TIBS on oil exploration: "Drill. Drill in the ocean. Drill in the plains. Drill in the Mountains. Drill in the lakes. Drill in my freakin' back yard. And for Pete's sake, drill in the tundra (I mean, Arctic Wildlife Refuge). Just drill."

5. TIBS predicts immigration will be top issue in 2008. Looking good so far.

6. TIBS on how to handle Chavez: "How's your economy going to do then punk? Oh yeah, Monroe Doctrine no longer applies to Venezuala. Let me make the introductions: "Chicoms, Chavez; Chavez, your new daddy."

7. LSC's ex-girlfriend criticizes U of R's College Republican "safe zone" campaign.

8. LSC's response to the death of the founder of gonzo journalism: "Hunter S. Thompson is a Sissy. There, I said it." My response merits an honorable mention.

9. My favorite Question and Answer guy column, prompted by Sip.
Key graph: "Americans on the other hand, love tradition, are the most religious people on earth, are family oriented, work hard, drink hard, and like to wrestle WOMEN in the nude. We generally don't steal, but we will fight like hell for what is ours and stand strong with those who do the same."

10. JPC's announces that he wants to form his own island nation.

As far as I can tell, Skip had one post during this six months, but it was particularly interesting.

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