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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
The War on Christmas

There has always been frustration on the part of many Christians/Catholics (and others) that Christmas has been too commercialized, and there is resentment too that we seem to have room in the public square for all kinds of speech -- yet religious speech and expression is unwelcome.

"Happy Holidays" is a good example -- I have no problem with it, say it often. It is nice and inclusive. Yet, you see examples of Christmas trees being renamed holiday trees, Christmas songs banned in school, nativity scenes forbidden on public property, that many religious people have decided enough is enough and they aren't going to quietly sit through another "winter pageant" at school without speaking out.

Christians and Catholics are left with the impression that there is no room for Christmas in America -- please check your religion at the door, thank you. Why does that anger Christians/Catholics and people of other faiths? After all, it is argued, some people might be offended by religious expression in the public square!

Well, the public square seems big enough for lots of things many people find offensive. Like this:

And this:

And this:

If all of those things belong in the public square, many Christians and Catholics have a hard time believing that we can't find room for this:

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