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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Wrong shall fail, the Right prevail...

We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them. And we will defeat the terrorists by capturing and killing them abroad ... removing their safe havens ... and strengthening new allies like Iraq and Afghanistan in the fight we share.

If you missed the President's speech, NRO has it posted here.

I watched the president's speech on ABC last night (I would have picked another channel, but we had company last night). It was laughable the commentary before and after the speech. It was impossible for ABC to mask their contempt for the president. They painted everything in the worst light possible.

Kind of like this morning's headlines from the Post.
This is playing out just like Vietnam. The people have turned against it the war now and there is no going back. It will get more and more unpopular until we finally pull out. In the mean time it will destroy politically all of those who support it.

Enjoy your trip into the dustbin of history. I know I will enjoy watching you go.
If we are in such political trouble, how is it that the President and his supporters are openly standing on their principles and the other side in Congress is running from theirs...

That's the beauty of the MSM disinformation campaign that you have bought into... eventually, reality catches up.

A few questions for you, Braveheart:
1. Why are you so openly hoping for America's defeat? Are a few seats in Congress really worth it? 2. Isn't democracy in the middle east a good thing that is worth fighting for?
3. Do you think I made the right call not putting a caption next to the picture of the president (above) that said "Hey, Braveheart... smell my finger."?
Your Vietnam analogy needs work, too. The S. Vietnamese held up on their own pretty well against the North after we left -- until the Congress (kennedy/mondale) pulled US military aid. Once we get Iraq's forces to a certain level, they are sitting on millions of gallons of oil, which they can sell to buy their own weapons, tanks, airplanes, etc... So my worries about liberals in future Congresses leaving our allies in the lurch are much lower this time around.

I had the pleasure of going to grammar school with a kid who was a Vietnamese boat person. His family and a dozen others put themselves on a home-made raft to escape the communists. Some of the people on that raft didn't make it.

Given the horrible human costs of America's surrender in Vietnam, I think it is interesting that you are actually hoping for a repeat performance... it shows how little you leftists actually care about people and how much distain you have for democracy and America.
You're a deluded kool-aid drinker.

Of course I want America to win - I just don't think that's possible given the current incompetent leadership. The US will lose in Iraq. Its not what I want - its just what will happen. We lost right before the invasion when our generals asked for 300,000 troops and were promptly fired - and we sent in 120,000 instead. And if it wasn't lost already your incompetent leadership nailed for coffin of victory shut when they dismantled the Iraqi army. And victory was further buried when incompetence ordered us to bomb fallujah and najaf. And the gravestone was planted above it when the president authorized torture at gitmo. And right now - there is no way to win. No way at all. None.

Thanks for fucking it all up for America - retards.

You can hop up and down about how things are going wrong because the 'liberals' are not supporting the President. But it doesn't make it so. This is a disaster policy planned by, and executed by a Republican executive and a Republican congress. The blame - all of it - lies at their feet - and at the feet of their supporters - you.

You can complain like a spineless ladyboy all you want about how this disaster is the fault of 'liberals' - its not.

Incompetence kills. Its not about me wanting to get a few seats in congress - its about taking our great nation out of the hands of incompetents. This president will go down in history as the worst ever - bar none.
You seem angry. They have medication for that.

Actually, I am not distancing myself from this war at all. I've been 100% for it from day one, and even before that!

I think it would have been crazy to hand the keys to the country over to the baathist army on day one. That would have been the recipe for dictatorship. Instead, we dismantled the army, created civilian authority, and reconstituteed the army. What's wrong with that?

Did we get more resistance? Possibly. But victory here involves creating a lasting democracy, not simply deposing Saaadam for another dictator. I think it was important for military authority to follow civilian authority in Iraq, not the other way around.

The fact is, if we had done it that way, you guys would be complaining about how we lost all those people in Iraq for nothing right now because some Saadam general took over. That's the old way of doing things and look around the middle east and see how that has worked out.

Beyond that, the boots on the ground question is another great example. If we send in 300,000 troops, you idiots would scream "occupation!" the Iraqis will rebel at the presence of American occupiers!

Wrap all those things you mention, your brilliant 20/20 military hindsight, your faith in the 'vaunted Republican' guard as a potential ally in our work for democracy, Fallujah, Gitmo, etc... take them all and wrap them into one package and I'll measure those against 70% voter turnout any day of the week.

They are the piss ant complaints of losers. Fallujah didn't stop the Sunnis from participating in the elections last week. Gitmo handwringing is a perfect example of you guys spending way too much of your time worrying about how we treat terrorists. Please. It is bad enough you guys believe enemy propaganda, worse still that you spread it. This is a war, not a multicultural teaching moment.

Don't think for a second that we are going to let you guys have your way. I'm just glad you guys revealed your true selves and your true nature.
I am savoring the beat down that you are currently receiving.
Huh? Stay off the crack, kid... its a ghetto drug.
Thanks for the Bob Roberts refrence TJ - I think making that & Bull Durham are the only worthwhile things Tim Robbins has ever done in his life
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