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Friday, December 16, 2005

Yep, It's a Quagmire.

If only we had some benchmark to assess our progress in Iraq. Sigh.

Yeah TJ. This time I have to concede. You're right. This is finally the turning point. Nearly a trillion dollars later - we finally managed to get a picture of 3 Iraqis fingerpainting. I guess its all going to be all right now.

I think if they hold these finger painting events every day it might keep the iraqis so entertained they won't attack our troops any more...

Also the economy there is bad, but at least in some sectors business just can't stay ahead of demand:

It must be heartening to you that it is now so common for 2-3 Americans to be killed daily in Iraq that the news media no longer bothers to cover it unless 4 or more are killed in a single attack. I guess thats progress too.

Oh and how's it going defending Christmas? The attacks on Christmans must be pretty bad. With all the good news coming out of Iraq, its surprising you righties would be spending so much time on the War on Christmas. You must be pretty worried that Christmas might get cancelled this year.

Oh those liberals! Will they stop at nothing to destroy Santa?!
I agree, it's a quagmire. The Bush administration is trying to spin 60%+ turnout as some sort of indication that democracy is taking root in Iraq. That's actually a bad sign, since any fool knows that this 60% turnout is actually down from the record numbers under Saadam.

I share your contempt for these Iraqi fingerpainters. I don't know what these Arabs are thinking -- everyone knows they are poorly suited for self-government. They would have been far better off under Saadam or his sons. Sure, there were rape rooms and midnight visits from the secret police, and mass graves and all -- but screw 'em.

Bush's decision to invade was a mistake because we were making real progress in the middle east. We were able to string together more than 18 months of peace between infantadas and, what real danger does middle east tyranny mean for us here at home anyway. Sure, they tried to take the WTC down in 1993, succeeded in 2001, murdered CIA employees, bombed our ships overseas, blew up a few airliners full of Americans, and held our citizens hostage. That's a small price to pay for Kofi Annan's good wishes.
Braveheart, why do you hate America?
TJ why do you like kiddie porn? Or is that an unfair question? Dick.
Free Mumia! No Blood for Oil! Chimpy McBushitler!

We've already established that TJ likes Japanese porn, not kiddie porn. Please try to keep up.
Japanese porn is cool.
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