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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Kennedy leaves Owl Club

Hmmmm - Senator Kennedy is ONLY NOW quitting the men-only Harvard Alum Owl Club. Fifty-two years after joining. Typical limousine liberal - do as I say, not as I do.

Quote from the Boston Herald article "I'm not a member. I continue to pay about $100."

What??? This isn't amnesia or Alzheimer's setting in: "I forgot to tell the police that my car went into the pond and Mary Ann was inside.", "Someone took the test for me?", "Where are my pants?"

So shocking! I go to a men only poker group once a month. I must be a bad person too. My wife goes to a women only health club. Yep this sure is a pervasive problem. Call Bill O'Reilly. I'm sure he's looking for a topic.

Good thing things are going so well around the world that we can turn our attention to Ted Kennedy's alumni club memberships!

I mean why should we worry about Iraq? Now that they had an election, that means democracy is going to flourish and there will be a happy fairy tale ending. Too bad you can't just roll the credits right after the election. Lets ignore the 3 helo's that were shot down this past week - at least one with a surface to air missile. Lets ignore the fact that we have scaled back the number of offensive ground operations to reduce casualties, and are switching to bombing - like in Vietnam. I know I shouldn't compare Iraq to Vietnam. The two of them are very different - Vietnam was Jungle and this is the desert. They are nothing alike. Oh and how is that new Iraqi army we spent a billion dollars training coming along? Security situation is worse than ever.

Here is something you Republicans are sure to love. Iraq sits on the world's largest oil reserves and yet production is lower than even during years of sanctions before the war. Gasoline in Iraq is subsidized by the US. Our government buys gasoline at higher than market rates and sells at subsidized prices in Iraq for less than $1 per gallon. And yet there are massive gasoline shortages in Iraq. Why? Because the gasoline is smuggled out of Iraq again and sold on the world market at market prices. And where does the money go? Who knows? I'm sure plenty of it goes to finance crime gangs, terrorism and insurgent groups. Republican incompetence literally finances Al-Queda. Congratulations Republicans!

And while we are tied up in Iraq, Iran is free to build nuclear weapons. Oops. They just opened up the seals on their centrifuges this week and turned off the monitoring cameras so they can conduct 'research'. We can make all the threats we want, but they don't seem to be listening. They think we are defanged. Who is right I wonder? And now Iran is going ahead with their plans to open a new oil market priced in Euros. Say goodbye to the 'petro-dollar'. Thanks for screwing that up too Republicans.

Can we apply sanctions against Iran? Well first see who are Iran's new friends? Nuclear Russia and Nuclear China, both with a veto on the security council. Did you know that China buys all their oil from Iran? They aren't about to vote for sanctions that would forbid Iran from selling them oil. And Russia is making hard currency selling Iran nuclear technology. Hmm.. one wonders, does Iran have an interest in keeping the US tied up in Iraq while they pursue nuclear weapons? I wonder where the missiles that shot down three of our helicopters might have come from?

Meanwhile our economy is headed into the toilet. The trade deficit is at an all time record and so is the national debt. Under you Republicans we have record spending. So by March of this year the US will have to raise the debt cieling or default on its debts. Lovely. Remember the Clinton years? When we were paying off the debt. Such a lovely memory.

Oh but I heard that the Dow just broke 11,000 again - which is the highest the Dow has been since 2005. Surely that is good news right? Well it is if you are retarded and can't do any math. The Dow represents a fictional portfolio of stocks. It is priced in dollars.
So in 2000 if you owned this dow portfolio you would have had $11,000, and by 2006 you would have earned those dollars back. But the dollar has suffered massive devaluation since 2000. Consider if the Dow was priced in gold - in 2000 the dow would have been worth 36 ounces of gold. Today it is worth 20 ounces of gold. In 2000 the Dow was worth about 300 barrels of oil. Today is is worth 150 barrels of oil. In 2000 it would have bought you a toyota corolla, today just 1/2 a corolla. By any honest measure the dollar is worth about half of what it was worth in 2000. So thanks also for screwing up the economy.

So definitely, the SCG's should refrain from posting except about Ted Kennedy's club memberships, and the War on Christmas and other important topics of the day.

Finally in the depths of your self doubt and despair, don't do anthing rash. Help is available. You can reach the Samaritans suicide crisis hotline at (212) 673-3000.
Well, I'll give Kennedy a break. He's a hypocrite, but it doesn't mean the message is wrong. A parallel is a drug user who tells others not to use drugs. Hypocrite - yes. Invalid message - no.

Of course, actions speak louder than words. Although Kennedy has (for years) walked the walk of someone who doesn't fully care about women's "rights" (as indicated by his membership in the Owl Club) his about-face now is supposedly unnewsworthy.
Wow! BH - I think you ought to consider the crisis hotline yourself. Not worth dignifying the rest with a response.
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