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Thursday, January 12, 2006
R.I.P. Six Conservative Guys

2003 - 2005

Well, we had a good run.

Jason is (correctly) stating that we aren't using the site much. There is a lot going on...we all should post more (I'm a super guilty one).

However, we collectively own the site for another 4 years or so...therefore, SCG will still be around.
I think this is all due in part to the boycott started by that social activist military mark.
Oh come on you guys! Don't stop now. Its going to be a really great year for you.

Think of all the new 'turning points' in Iraq you have to crow about! After every new turning point the Iraqi civil war gets a little worse, but that just sets the stage for another exciting turning point! Then you can have a great time talking all about how much you love the Iraqis and how inspired you are by their fearless march toward democracy! Maybe you'll even get a chance to kiss an Iraqi baby. I heard one was recently imported into an American hospital.
Welcome back Braveheart. How go the New Year's resolutions?
Seriously you guys, its not too late to start a new thread on 2006 predictions. We can all post. Then 12 months from now we can see who is right.
Brilliant idea braveheart, I want in on that. Your the only reason i still visit this site.
Did TJ die? I mean, he is(was) the anchor behind the six conservative guys. I mean, braveheart and me are just as important, but, well, we can't post. Me and him are like the caddies and cooks at the golf club. Anyway, I digress, is TJ dead?
As the old man said in Holy Grail...

"I'm not dead yet... I'm feeling better. I think I'll go for a walk."

Actually, I'm as good as dead until March 25. I am taking a hiatus on blogging until my dissertation defense (tenatively scheduled for March 24). I'll be reading the site, but not contributing.
If this site goes then I won't be able to brag about my super smart conservative cousin (TJ). Thank goodness he's for civil unions because my brother, his cousin, just married his golf caddy.

Fireman Scott
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