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Sunday, January 22, 2006
Turning the World Red

During the optimistic first days of the Clinton administration there emerged a view that Clinton's election presaged a new 'third way' with politicians like Schroeder and Blair emerging from leftist parties with new center-left views. Like many of the grand plans of those heady days in 1992 however, it did not come to pass. In the years that followed most of these politicians were spurned by liberals in their base and their ideas were revealed as more condusive to late night college bull sessions and academic papers than to actual implementation.

In 2006 the Bush generation of political leaders will take their place in countries across the world. Already in Poland, Germany, Italy and Japan new leaders who support America's War Against Terror have taken office. Angela Merkel's election was a bell weather moment for the international conservative movement as she beat a tired "third way" veteran whose only cognizable policy seemed to be anti-Americanism.

And tomorrow Canada is poised to return the Conservative Party back to power after 12 years in the wilderness.

Paul Martin has been (this side of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez) the most anti-American leader in the Americas. He seems to go out of his way to antagonize the US on issues that range from a missle defense shield to soft wood importation. In short he has tried to score points with the Canadian electorate to hide his domestic failures by stoking the fires of anti-Americanisn. Tomorrow however, those days will end.

Increasingly across the world, and in America too, the left is no longer defined by what it is for - but instead what it is against, anything that smacks of Americanism. People are tired of the defeatist left and the backlash is building.

When a party, or a movement for that matter, becomes defined by what it opposes instead of its vision for the future - the end is near.

When Steven Harper and the Conservatives take power they will join a coalition of leaders across the world that understand and support the Bush doctrine. Even Tony Blair, the former poster boy for third way Democrats, is now a firm Bush ally and Jacques Chirac has out-Bushed the President in promising to use nuclear weapons against state sponsors of terror - surely a 'cowboy-like' gesture if there ever was one.

Despite the final remnants of socialism alive and well in South America the world is a much redder hue than when President Bush took office in 2000.

From snowy Ottowa to sunny Jerusalem, 2006 will be the year that the Bush doctrine spreads its wings across the world.

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Top ten reasons to Nuke Israel

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2006. From the transcript of radio communication among Israeli soldiers near Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip. The recording was submitted in January 2005 in the trial of the company commander, whose name has been withheld due to a military court order. He faces a maximum of three years in prison. Translated from the Hebrew by Nomi Friedman. Originally from Harper's Magazine, May 2005.

SENTRY: We spotted an Arab female about 100 meters below our emplacement, near the light armored vehicle gate.

HEADQUARTERS: Observation post “Spain,” do you see it?

OBSERVATION POST: Affirmative, it’s a young girl. She’s now running east.

HQ: What is her position?

OP: She’s currently north of the authorized zone.

SENTRY: Very inappropriate location.


OP: She’s now behind an embankment, 250 meters from the barracks. She keeps running east. The hits are right on her.

HQ: Are you talking about a girl under ten?

OP: Approximately a ten-year-old girl.

HQ: Roger.

OP: OP to HQ.

HQ: Receiving, over.

OP: She’s behind the embankment, dying of fear, the hits are right on her, a centimeter from her.

SENTRY: Our troops are storming toward her now. They are around 70 meters from her.

HQ: I understand that the company commander and his squad are out?

SENTRY: Affirmative, with a few more soldiers.

OP: Receive. Looks like one of the positions dropped her.

HQ: What, did you see the hit? Is she down?

OP: She’s down. Right now she isn’t moving.

COMPANY COMMANDER [to HQ]: Me and another soldier are going in. [To the squad] Forward, to confirm the kill!

cc [to HQ]: We fired and killed her. She has . . . wearing pants . . . jeans and a vest, shirt. Also she had a kaffiyeh on her head. I also confirmed the kill. Over.

HQ: Roger.

CC [on general communications band]: Any motion, anyone who moves in the zone, even if it’s a three-year-old, should be killed. Over.
With all the suicide bombers, I think Israel should be ready to knock out anyone running near their barracks. However, this one was already neutralized before I don't see why they went ahead with it.

But your point - does it justify nuking Israel? If so, then if Iranian soldiers deliberately kill a child, they should be nuked? Same with Palestine?

And don't be Anonymous. It's weak.
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