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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
AGAIN - The Chinese and Cubans are going to drill 45 miles off Florida!

Maybe everyone is indifferent or no one read my previous blog at the begining of the month on this subject.....

Fungible (WARNING: Free Speech and Cartoon Follow!)

Scott Adams hit the right chord on Sunday....

I actually did think of you when I read this, JPC.

How stupid was I that I didn't get your play on words. "Just plain CRUDE." Darn it. That's just too obvious.

Scott Adams has a blog, by the way. Pretty good stuff.

Actually, he has a good response to all the e-mail he has received lately:

Here's Adam's take:

"I keep hearing the argument that we can combat terrorism by using less energy. I can’t quite grasp how that chain of logic works. I suppose I can understand how there would be less terrorism if the entire world used no oil at all. Then the bad guys would have bigger problems to deal with, such as cannibalism. But how does reducing oil consumption by say 20% (a gigantic leap) in developed countries make a difference to the war on terror? Especially since China and other developing countries will quickly make up the difference.

If someone is fanatical enough to fund terrorism, do you think THAT’S the part of his budget he cuts first? What part of “living in caves in the mountains of Pakistan” is compatible with “we’ll only do this as long as the money comes easily?

...Your challenge for today is to leave a comment that doesn’t rant about the good reasons for energy conservation or U.S. support for Israel."

Interesting that Adams was talking about oil and he received lots of environmentalist mail ranting about Israel and the Jews. Hmm. Funny how that works.
Didn't know that Adams had a blog - pretty interesting. Little slow on the uptake?? I suppose I could use "sweet" or "sour" crude depending on my disposition.

No one (or specifically Floridians) seems to care about the Cuba-Chinese venture? It certainly puts FL, Sen. Martinez (of Cuban decent) and maybe the Adminstration in an interesting position.
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