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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Cuba, Florida, and Oil

Something to think about - The federal government has honored for some years a Florida state moratorium banning drilling for 100 miles off of their shores. The moritorium has created many problems - the Minerals Management Service has already sold leases in many parts of the Outer Continental Shelf in the Gulf; obvious NIMBY image problems; and other states like MS and AL have issues since their offshore border areas overlap w/ FL. The two Florida senators are presently hoping to make the federal moratorium permanent.

Cuba considers a 200 mile economic enterprise zone around their island and has sold oil drilling leases to numerous oil concerns owned by countries such as Canada, Spain, India, Venezuala, and China.

Some of the results of drilling so far so far have been disappointing, yet this may be due to the companies operating around Cuba not having the best equipment (The U.S. has the best deep water equipment which are prohibited from being used in Cuba due to the embargo).

The closest location of planned drilling is by a Cuban - Chinese venture on a site 45 miles from Key West.

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