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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Desperate for New Material

I'm on a self-imposed blog hiatus until late March, but given the influx of new readers (hat tip, Malkin) I figured I would post something new and completely unrelated to politics.

For no reason, whatsoever:

Here are my top five favorite television shows this season.

1. The Office. I've heard the British version is even better, but the American version makes me laugh so hard it hurts. I'm actually afraid to watch the British version for fear it will kill me.

2. Arrested Development. It lost a step in this, its final year. That shouldn't be surprising given the lack of support for the show and the fact that they had to bring everything to a head more quickly than they had originally planned. My favorite character is GOB, but pretty much every character on the show is fantastic.

3. Lost. Holy cow is this show addictive. Did you see the episode where the big black dude faced down the black smoke and the black smoke "looked at him" and slowly retreated? Damn. Some crappy episodes recently, but still fantastic.

4. Dancing with the Stars - Only kidding. That's #4 on Sips list. Gosh, I guess I only have three favorite shows. I kind of like My name is Earl, which I think is touching in a redneck, brotherly love sort of way. I like Finding Jordan too, but I rarely watch it. The bug guy and the crazy russian make me laugh.

One more short list related to television.

Top 5 over-rated shows of all time:

1. Cheers. Yes, I know, Cheers is a great show. But I still think it is over-rated. There is no reason to watch the same episode 1000 times. Plus, the show became more unwatchable the more weight that Kirstie Allie gained. At some point, did anyone really care whether Sam hooked up with Kirstie Allie? Didn't Woody's hold schtick become a bit annoying? Didn't you miss Coach?

2. Magnum PI. Again, a great show. It is even on my top 20 list all time. Still, I don't worship the show. Plus, didn't the Magnum's boss come across as kind of creepy in a not at all heterosexual kind of way?

3. Hill Street Blues. After the seargent died of cancer, didn't it annoy you that the next guy had to come up with his own tag line. It was stupid too ("let's do it to them before they do it to us"). Boy, would I like to be a lawyer suing the city and accusing a cop in that precinct of excessive force. Also, it really wasn't that interesting that they used Buffalo street names. And let's not forget how stupid it was to have to listen to the chief and his attorney girlfriend wife talk to each other in the bathtub. What the hell was up with that?

4. Busom Buddies. It really wasn't all that funny. Yes, we all love Tom Hanks. But think about Joe versus the Volcano and appreciate this fact: that movie was better than the series.

Ok, let's make it a top four list. I can't come up with another.

Sorry, I think the sugar from my cocoa puffs has affected my thinking. I like all three of those shows a great deal, I really do. Yet, all three have elements that bug the crap out of me -- and I still think they are over-rated. For what it is worth, all three would be in my top 20. Of course, that list includes Kolchak the Night Stalker and the A-team as #1 and #2 -- so that list isn't worth much.

FYI, Mike Kang is working as a directors assistant on the series Lost. Also, his feature film The Motel was released on a limited basis(Cannes...) and it got good reviews. Looks like we might know someone famous.
Also, a guy from my high school (Anthony Yerkovich) was the chief writer for Hill Street Blues. He often put in Buffalo references (which made it fun to watch), but he put in references to his high school alma mater too. As an example, while other people wouldn't catch it, we knew that Sgt. Naumann in the show was named after Fr. Naumann, the jesuit who taught junior and senior English. Just another example of how Canisius High had more depth than St. Joe's, eh JPC?
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