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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
More proof of Karl Rove's Genius?

If Rove is so smart, how do you explain:
1) Harriet Meiers
2) The failure of the white house to appreciate that they are going to lose the fight on the Saudi (correction: UAE) port contract. Even if the white house wins the legislative/policy battle, the political costs are enormous.

On the bright side, it is good to see that the Democrats really do recognize who our enemy is. Too bad they only say so when it is politically expedient.

The fact is, Bush is wrong. The Saudis (and radical muslims in the UAE too!) are our enemy. Ultimately, the war on terror is a proxy war against Saudi Arabian and Iranian fanatics (not to mention those extremists in the UAE).

It is good to see Chuck Schumer agreeing with me on something (or vice-versa).

UPDATE: I made corrections to this bone headed post. He may not be a genius but at least Rove knows it is a contract with the UAE. Score one for Rove. I'm slinking back now, thankful that JPC didn't take the bait on Meiers.

I think this is perhaps the amount of responsibility that the UAE needs. Maybe we have been wrong about there citizens, I mean, what have they ever done to us? This might work out like putting the class trouble maker in charge of clapping the erasers. Or maybe it won't work, security details will be comprimised, and a chemical weapon will be unleashed on Florida. I say we hush up, listen to George Bush, and let the Muslims realize how weak our port secuirty is.
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