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Friday, February 03, 2006
No Sharia Law Here... Yet.

Hat tip, Michelle Malkin.

Please direct all complaints, kidnapping attempts and beheadings to T.I.B.S. (soon to be known as "NLTIBS" -- as he is No Longer trapped in a blue state.

Here is another way to piss off a Muslim. Tell him that Mohammed was conceived in an unnatural act between Satan and Mohammed's mother
does anybody remember piss christ?
where was all the freedom of speech rhetoric then.
I guess it's wacky as long as it's not the god you believe in.
bring on the animal/human hybrids.
Dear anonymous;
You're very mature indeed. Next time, try using your brain.
Do u remember ur own father???? in simple words r u sure that ur mother-fucker is also ur real father.... I'm talking about the guy who thinks he is ur real father...... Ass Hole
Below are links to four new articles, from a traditional Muslim perspective, which address various issues which are being raised by the on-going Danish cartoon crisis. I hope that at least some of the self-righteous Islamophobes out there will have the courage to read these articles in detail—but especially the first one which is an exposé of the sloppy antics of Daniel Pipes:

Danish Cartoons, Double-Standards and Daniel Pipes

Hate-Mongers Beware...

Why Muslims Are Angry...

An Idiot's Guide to Offensive Cartoons


Mere Muslim
Hey, Jesus the bastard's followers... Haven't you heard the true story of your very dear VIRGIN MARY and JESUS (or MARY THE WHORE and JESUS THE BASTARD). Oh, poor you!! Let me tell you the true story and then let's see who will be pissed off and who will not be?!? On a bright sunny day, LITTLE HORNY MARY, who was just a girl with hyperactive sex hormones, had a nice little roll in the hay with Joseph, and before she knows it her EPT came up positive... And here is the best part, that little SMART SLY BITCH made a plan to save her ass from her papa's wrath and spinned a one good story, saying "Oh please don't beat me papa... GOD IS THE ONE WHO KNOCKED ME UP!!!" Then, seeing her bigot papa dumbfounded, on the next moment she was on her way to get her VIRGINITY FIXED with the money that was given to her in return of her prostitution services, so that her plan could work!!! On the other hand, the HORNY MARY's dumb papa thought that "Oh, I definitely could ground her...but what if that causes a plague or something?" Here we go, this is how the JESUS THE BASTARD came to life... Thanks to freedom of speech, the world of Christianity today has the opportunity to hear the truth about the BASTARD JESUS's
conception and stop embracing him if they are smart(!) and civilized(!) enough...VIVA FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!
Boy, you guys make a great case that the right is filled with hate-mongers.

Why do you think your offensive speech should be protected but the cartoonists be intimidated and threatened with death? We have no right not to be offended. Period.

Let's also work a bit to make a difference between government subsidies and support for offensive speech and freedom of speech. I can't stop you if you want to dunk pictures of Jesus in urine -- but don't expect me to pay for it or subsidize it through publicly funded institutions/grants/etc...

I can understand why muslims don't like cartoons that portray Muhammed (praised be to him!) as a terrorist. Of course, taking to the street to threaten to behead the cartoonists and looking forward to another 7/7 or 9/11 seems like a strange way to make that point. The point of showing the cartoons is that we, in the west, have values too and we intend to defend them. One of those core values is free speech. There are limits to time, place and manner, but this is clearly a call for censorhip of content -- at the point of the sword, if you will. I don't think we should stand idle while radical islamists tell us what we can or cannot publish. The more they threaten, the more cartoons we should post. In fact, I would encourage anyone out there (particularly college republicans) to hold free speech art shows at their colleges. That should get the point across.

Again, thanks for your illuminating posts. They make it demonstrably clear that the left is no longer "liberal" in any sense of the word.

PS: I am hopeful that someone in Congress takes up your cause in defense of Islam. Certainly, you would agree that Congress needs to step in to establish some guidelines for what speech is allowed and what is not. Perhaps a list of groups that shouldn't be offended would be helpful? I am thinking 3-5 years prision time for those who violate the law. Your thoughts?
The more cartoons you post, the more you the christians' club will be cursed!!
Well, non-muslims preferred to curse the rules of muslim language by those cartoons. We, the muslims, prefer to curse those nonmuslims in a direct way... Don't you say that freedom of speech is a good thing?
Mohammad was just another religeous phychophant that had a power trip. The Islam "religion" is nothing more than a recreation, a twistd revision of the life that Jesus lived on earth with different names, a different club. It is purely an excuse to hate, destroy, and call it "faith". Everybody else are "infidels" Sounds more like a cult than a religion. Islam is a war against the world written on paper.

If Islam is a peaceful religion, then leave the rest of the world alone.

It is becoming harder and harder to not equate Islam to terror.
Mohammad was just another religeous phychophant that had a power trip. The Islam "religion" is nothing more than a recreation, a twistd revision of the life that Jesus lived on earth with different names, a different club. It is purely an excuse to hate, destroy, and call it "faith". Everybody else are "infidels" Sounds more like a cult than a religion. Islam is a war against the world written on paper.

If Islam is a peaceful religion, then leave the rest of the world alone.

It is becoming harder and harder to not equate Islam to terror.
A few thoughts:

Firstly, are we to be held hostage to possible reactions to things that we say and do by a small minority of the world's population? IOW, should we just shut up because we fear the reactions of ignorant people?

Secondly, how can a people of a certain faith, who can throw stones all day, be taken seriously when they put on a display such as this? Granted these are the extremists, but they are the face of this religion. As the old saying goes, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing"; for all of the good Muslims who have up to this moment been reluctant to criticize the extremists, now is a very good time to do so, emphatically and very publicly.

Thirdly, I am appalled at the number of stupid bigots on my side of the aisle whom proudly display their stupidity for all to see. I renounce their membership in the human race.
Everything said in haste or anger must be heard with that in mind.The true nature of a man is in his deeds, not his words. That being said, I must admit that I have only seen the sadistic deeds of those who profess the islam religion.
Their words are venomous, yet they can not hold a candle to the beheadings, shootings, stonings and bombings carried out by the followers of islam. It seems that a death sentence is ordered for anyone who may have a dissenting view of the religion or questions its origin. I have reservations about many organized religions. I find it troubling that the islam religion controls its followers by threats of death and other terroristic means and even more troubling that the followers allow it to happen.
I haven't decided what religion I will study, but I am not perfect enough for islam.
Oh, crap! I forgot to capitalize 'islam'.......
I was born and raised as a Christian in a democratic country. I believe in freedom of speech and religion, but I believe there are responsibilities that come with these freedom. I was fortunate enough to be educated in an institution that encourages its students to question everything, even his own faith. I was given the freedom to act as I wish. However aside from believing in good manners, my religion taught me that I was in all circumstances not to do unto others what I dont want others to do unto me. I question some aspects of my religion except this. Religion of any kind teaches us what is right and what is wrong, what is proper and what is not. Religion of any kind ultimately teaches us humility and respect for humanity. Assuming Jesus Christ or Mohammed or whoever divine character does exist (which I desperately hope so), I imagine him/her highly disappointed with what's happening. Let's not make him come down here.
Let me just start by a simile.
The west have equated Islam to terrorisim becouse an extremistic group desided to attak the U.S. Some sivilians died and that resultid in the outcastation of an entire religios grupp.
What had hapend if it hade been a military forse under the flag of a nation that had done the act, lets say Iran. Whould it also have ben considered to be an act of terrorisim. My guess is yes. Becouse the thought of killing american civilians is extreem.
What pussels me is if thats the case, why havent somebody refered to the U.S.A as terrorists ? Becouse that is just what they have been doing for a lot of years, killing civilians, and are still doing. Vietnam, Korea, Latin Amerika, Lebanon etc. Not only that, but they have forsaken the international law of handeling warprisoners by what they are doing in Guantanamo.
Further more. You have an opinion about the threat of death as a punishment. Whell that is just absurde. Amerika leads the way with your varius methods of killing your prisioners. Deth by rope, kemikals, gas, electrisity etc. and you disslike the fakt that muslimes uses stones. You call it barbarik, then what do you call twenty thousend volts passing thrue your body untill your blood boiles.
It strikes me as amazing how hypokratic one can be. Its like a father having a ciggaret in his mouth and graunding his son for smoking. You call muslims ignorant but in truth, who is the ignorant ones?
Ya know it seems that no one can share there opinion any more with out someone esle telling them that thier wrong, if you people would relize that it was a non-muslim nation that printed the cartoons, thats why the big uproar. Why was there no big shit storm when Egypt printed the cartoons during ramammad or however you say that shit. If every one can't take a joke, than our world really has gone to shit. Just lighten up people, and remember thar opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they stink.
For those of you that aren't in the know, Muslim nations have been producing cartoons of jews that depict them in a rather nasty way for ages. Pictures of Jews routinely have the Star of David posted over their faces and Jews almost always are depicted with hooked noses, black faces, and are often shown with palestinian blood on their hands. Also Amreican flags and effigies of our president are burned all the time. Have Americans burned down any Palestinian embassies? No of course not. We are a reasonable bunch and would not resort to acts of destruction to try and prove our point. My advice to muslim countries is to get out of the seventh century and try to catch up with the rest of the world.
It is never too late to turn to Jesus to ask for forgiveness for any of our sins. Jesus died for all of our sins, He who believes in Him will be saved. All of the hurt and hate in your hearts can be lifted by the Love our the one and only God through Jesus our savior. Your Brother in Christ, Pa, USA
Hey guys,
I think you have to review what you learned (or not learned) about respect others ritual and religious matters. If somebody offends to anothers opinions in sucha ridiculous way, does not mean it is "the freedom of speech" or another democratic expression, It just means that he/she has not learned or even thought of "Respect to anothers opinions". Its not specially about the matter of terrorism, its about all aspects of daily life.
Anonymous, that's an ignorant thing to say. I don't think any of the SCGs would agree that 100% of any group are idiots (even democrats). From my perspective, the muslim faith is at a cross-roads. There are a lot of good and great teachings in Islam that help guide billions of people toward good works and good values. I've spoken at length on this site about the dangers of Islamofascism. But that doesn't mean I hate muslims or think that all muslims are terrorists. (It would be similarly foolish to have bad feelings about the Italians or Germans or Japanese because of World War II -- though truth be told I can't blame anybody for hating the Irish). That's a joke, by the way.

The fact is, the west has to stand up and defend its values. We cannot stand around waiting for Muslim nations to reform themselves -- the stakes are too high. Today, we are working with muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq to defeat Al Queda. I don't consider all muslims my enemy, but I do believe that the Muslim world needs to take a stand one way or another -- or Islam will be defined by the radicals and terrorists rather than the ordinary hard working folks who want a decent life for themselves and their families.
Wow, what a bunch of red-necks y'all are! Some of the Jesus freaks out there are the scariest bunch. This Islam is peanuts by comparison. Guns Germs and Steel and the pursuit of oil! Name God or Jesus for your cause and you can do whatever you want.

A prior post stated that the cartoons threaten free speech. Free speech is about saying whatever the fuck you want. It's up to the receiver of data to tune it out. Inevitably this is going to be the only solution in the long term. If you can't handle what the other person said about you, SUCK IT UP.

I've personally no respect for any faith and that goes for atheists as well. There are no truths, only chaos and perspective. Faith is a sign of weakness, as the reactions of violence to a point of view (cartoons) clearly demonstrates.

The sooner religion is evolved out of human culture, the better. That being said, it's your right to live in your own back yard any which way you please. Just keep it there, okay?

- Chris
Ontario, Canada
hey guys just use your common sense freedom of speech isnt that you should start abusing some one its ends where someonle else freedom start. we shouldnt speak about our prophets like this. what was done in denmark wasnt freedom of speech as it hurt one group of the isnt that you start abusing someones mother for eg and then say this is freedom of speech certainly.
Why is dirtysecret so pissed off. Is this the good side of the non-believers world and the attraction to reject faith?

Sooooo attractive
You guys are all immature. Grow up , and learn to respect. I dont care what you believe in Respect.
I for one do not believe that there are any so-called GOOD muslims. As the saying goes, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing". In the case of Islamic extremism, the good men of Islam have done nothing, and therefore are as Evil and corrupt as the extremists. As a Christian, I will stand up and say that yes, I believe the Muslims have a right to be offended at the cartoons, but to call for the death of the artists and to burn down the embassies of the countries whose papers printed them is ludicrous.
If there is only violence as a method of dealing with offensive behavior, or language, or cartoons, then who in their right minds would actually believe that Islam is a peaceful religion, as so many people would have us believe? I don't buy it. Islam teaches that if we are not Muslim, we are infidels, and therefore must be killed. How does that make me want to embrace Islam as a peaceful religion? I know that Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but the American in me says to fight against opression and tyranny with everything I have. I will speak my mind and if the radical Islamic extremists want to kill me for it, and the so-called "peaceful Muslims" do nothing to stop it, the it just proves the point I've been trying to make. There ARE no good Muslims.
If there are, stand up and say to the extremists, "we do not accept you in our faith, for your actions are contrary to what we truly believe."
Barring that, I will never believe that Islam is anything but EVIL.
1. I am a Muslim, Well, actually one is born a Muslim and there is not much one can do abaout that. Yet I do not really practice it and I have surely suffered quite enough from an Islamic Regime.Even though, I do not think the Cartoon are a great Idea at all, specially the one which shows Muhammad with a Bomb (It is very wrong and irresponsible and the crazy reactions to these does not justify it). Also, the stupid violent protest are even much more wrong.
2. But please bear in Mind, that while the West was robbing out these parts of the world (oil, ...), supported Dictators (Still does),Meddled with their affairs,..., it was continuously causing the people to become more and more ignorant, stupid, poor, and everything else that you are seeing.
3. While everybody is shedding tears for people killed in 911 and other unfortunate and sad Terrorist attacks (Since I do not count them as a Human, or for that matter even a "Being" and so every torture and punishment is just about them.), let us also shed a few tears for Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis (most of them children) which died directly because of the US imposed sanctions
well 1,000,000(DEAD IRAQIS)/5,000 (AMERICANS KILLED IN 911 + US CASUALTIES IN WAR) = 2,000.
Even by American/Western Standards, if you consider each American Life to be Worth 20 Middle-Eastern Lives, then you can conclude that people in the Middle East are much more Victims of Terrorism that their CounterParts in West.
4. Disrespecting any Way-of-Life, any Way-of-Thinking (I do not mean Nazism, Bin-Ladenism, and such), be it Islam or Christianity or Semitism or Secularism or Socialism ..., is not just. Mocking others Idealogy is not so different from humiliating their Personality, and I do not think that is so good.

Siavash you have a point. But what it all comes down to is fear and repression from the west. For some reason the USA, the UK and others think that they have the automatic right to hold power and influence over the rest of the world. They try to repress those who challenge that right. They usually succeed but this time it seems that they have met their match in followers of Islam.

I can't say that I agree with using violence and killing people but good on Muslims for not taking things lying down.

I understand that the Islamic faith cannot even consider working with the west for as long as we in the west follow double standards. We cannot condone muslims taking a life for a life when America's reaction to 9/11 was to march into a muslim country and more than match the death toll of 9/11.

This stupid cartoon (which I neither understand or find entertaining) was a bad call on behalf of that Danish paper. However I would defend the right of the paper to publish it. The problem lays once again in the west's double standards.

The people who are defending the right to free speach are the very people who are tutting at the current Muslim protests against the cartoon. The very people who support a government that locks up Muslims if they dare to verbally support and promote terrorism. We in the west can't have it both ways.

At the moment I am ashamed to be a white christian Brit. I'm not saying I want to be a Muslim either but it seems that while we carry mobiles, surf the web and cure cancer, humankind has not really progressed far from our primative roots. I mean come on, Britain had it's ass kicked in the crusades centuries ago yet we still haven't learnt our lesson?

Hey, rant over :-)
Karen - Birmingham, UK
Three things:

1. We have a lot of new visitors to the site -- welcome. Thanks for your comments. Please let us know where you are linking to us from -- did you see this site on Michelle Malkin's page? If not, where did you find out about this site?

2. We will work harder to keep the site fresh in terms of content -- we are six conservative guys with jobs, kids, wives and, in some cases, internet addictions.

3. Karen - I appreciate your argument, but I'm troubled that you don't see the distinction between drawing a cartoon and calling for terrorism. I know that Britain has very different traditions and laws in terms of free speech, but isn't there a big difference between criticism of a person, a religion, a government (whatever) and a call for violence? Don't calls for violence stifle free speech for everyone? How can you defend free speech and, at the same time, defend calls for random violence on a person for their speech (like calls to behead the cartoonist)? How can you speak freely if you are threatened with murder for your views?
Well said, TJ. A truly free press should not fear to print opposing viewpoints, nor criticism of anyone, including Christianity. I don't like to see it, but being from a country where freedom of speech is a fundamental right, I understand that people are entitled to their opinions, and I am adult enough and secure enough in my own beliefs to allow them their views without resorting to violence. In short, I agree to disagree, and that is that. Would that all people on this planet could behave in a like manner, but then, it's not a perfect world, is it?
1. I found the link to this page on Michelle Malkin's page.

2. The best thing about the current Western Culture is that the Laws are not definite and can be changed (laws that are created by men, can and should be changed by men). This seems to be one it's greatest advantages compared to Islam or other Religiouns.

3. Although Freedom (especially in the social concept) has some vague definitions, but it certainly does not mean the absoloute right to do whatever.
Free Speech, or Free Press, or whatever does not necessarily mean that one can say anything one wants just like no one has or should have the write to do whatever one wishes, or else, chaos and anarchy will emerge.
There should be at least mild restrictions on any kind of freedom. Criticising is very good, but Humiliating, Mocking, and things like that will only cause dislike and hatred in the end (between Parties, be it individual or cultures or countries), no matter what people say. Such acts should not be allowed at least in special circumstances (which this one is).

4. Honestly, I do curse Certain Idealogy sometimes in private, but I really do not think it would be appropriate to do it publicly, not just because I am afraid but because I don't find it fair to hurt other people's feelings.

Siavash - London
Dear SteveFromIran

I for one do not believe that there are any so-called GOOD "Americans/Europeans/... or Christians". As the saying goes, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing". In the case of "U.S.A./Europe/Christianity", the good men of THEM have done nothing (When Atomic Bombs were dropped on innocent civilian in Japan, When nearly 2 million people were directly and Indirectly killed by US Troops in Vietnam, When Nazis were let to come to power and kill tens of millions which by the way the people who killed so many other people were GERMAN people citizens considered the pride of culture and science and ... of the West, and numerous other thing), and therefore are as Evil and corrupt as the extremists. As a Persian , I will stand up and say that yes, I believe the West has a right to be offended at the Violent Protests against Cartoons, but to CALL FOR A RETALIATION to calls for the death of the artists and to burn down the embassies of the countries whose papers printed them is ludicrous.

Thus developing such an argument, The U.S.A. and EU, are really the Devil on Earth.
Also Since the other argument by SteveFromIran concludes that Muslims are Evil People.
And I am sure One can find such discussions over other civilization and cultures, I can say that it would be much better to Blow This Bloody Planet to pieces and be done with this Bloody Human Race. Or we can just let Cultures, Countries, and Continents start killing each other untill all but one are annihilated. WHAT SAY YOU ?!

Siavash - London
Siavash, you make a point of saying that there should be AT LEAST mild restrictions on freedom of speech, but I ask you this: where does it stop?
If there is no true freedom of speech to speak out against opression and injustice and tyranny, then we all are in serious danger of becoming wards of the state with no say in what we do or where we go or whom we choose to asociate with. If there is no freedom of the press, how will individual freedom os speech have any impact beyond our own circle of friends, family, and co-workers? The two are inseperable in the U.S. as well they should be.
I think people should be allowed to offend whomever they please. That's what freedom of speech is all about- If I say that I think Bush is a mentally inferior President and should be impeached for invading a sovereign nation (Iraq) without just cause, or if I say that there is NO SUCH THING AS A GUN ACCIDENT and that Dick Cheney should be brought up on charges for shooting his friend (criminal negligence at the very least), then I could concievably be arrested for those opinions, even though I've stated them with respect and a clear point of view.
Even if someone wishes to say that "Clinton was an asshole" or "Fuck Tony Blair" or "Ayatollah Khomeini rots in hell" those things should be taken in the context of the individual's beliefs, and not as blasphemy. In the case of the Muhammed Cartoons, I don't think there's one thing wrong with depicting Muhammed as a time bomb, or as a terrorist, beacause until the leaders of Islam stop all the terrorism that's exactly what Islam is- a terrorist organization. I said it- and I stand by it, because thank God I have the freedom to.
Jesus loves Muslims and he even loved Mohammed. Look in the Koran and read of the Virgin birth of Jesus and that he is called a true prophet by Mohammed.

truth is proven by it's actions, words are empty in the end.
Well, I have to say, I am impressed with this site for respecting other viewpoints and leaving up a lot of the postings, as crazy as many of them may be.

In general, I'd say I classify as a moderate liberal (support a strong defense but think we meddle too much, pro-choice 1st trimester but not third, hate censorship of any kind, think govt should provide benefits but not if people don't try to improve themselves) but here in S.F. where I was born and raised my political stripe is practically associated with Adolph Hitler. I find both the far left and far right to be ludicrous, each in their own silly and impractical way, but I find the position of muslims towards CARTOONS to be TERRIFYING.

I'm truly upset that Comedy Central forced South Park, of all things, to censor a cartoon of mohammed (are muslims somehow affiliated with Scientology and did Tom Cruise have something to do with this?). This is insane! Is there somewhere to buy a mohammed cartoon mug for the office?
Hi! Please consider posting the best Mohammad's cartoon ever. See it here
Reminds me of the quote from Ann Coulter. I can't remember the exact wording but it's something like, "If Muslims want to be known as the religion of peace, it would really help if they would stop killing people."
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