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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Braveheart Returns!

I thought that Braveheart's latest assault merited full discussion on the main site.

Here it is: Hey kool aid drinkers! Its been a long time since I posted on this board.-Its like a time warp- looks like nothing happens while I'm gone. I was hoping to find some delusional posts about how well Iraq was going, or how some more craziness about how Republicans are the party of small government (record deficits not withstanding). It would have been fun to crush those delusions. But what do I find - just a few meager scraps of personal trivia. Whatever happened to all the political bluster? Maybe there just isn't much to talk about any more. But it sure is fun to go down memory lane and look at old posts huh? I especially love all the ones about how things are finally turning around in Iraq. Its like groundhog day - new corners are turned every day. But these days what comes around the corner every morning is scarier every day. Does it look like Vietnam enough for you now? Or do you want to wait a little longer and see if we can get a few more pictures of fingerpainting? And are you chickenhawks still fantasizing about joining up? I'm sure MMark is still having a hard time finding warm bodies to send - and with all the hot air you've been holding in - you'd be perfect. But I know - you can't go - you're critical in the fight here in the homefront. You are the keyboard bridgades finest! I salute you. Do you still evangelize about Republicanism at work much these days? Or do you find yourself wanting to peel that W off your bumper? Be honest - I bet you found an excuse to peel the bumper stickers off - like they got a little dirty or something. So as election season comes around have you got your talking points ready? Is it going to be "record deficits don't actually matter?" or will you go with "Iraq - it isn't really in a civil war yet." Or how about "Don't worry about homeland protection. Everything's fine now that we fired Brownie." Or how about "Cunningham, Abrahamoff, Delay, Frist, and Libby don't form a pattern of corruption" Or how about "We promise we won't sell any more ports to Dubai" With so many great accomplishments to chose from I know it will be hard to chose the issues to focus on.
- Braveheart

For the record, he's right that our posting efforts have been lame. I no longer have a good excuse.

While I don't necessarily agree with him on deficits (they can be necessary or not, depending), I have a huge problem with big government spending patterns.

I agree with him that Cunningham and Abrahamoff deserve what they get. I'm no fan of DeLay and think he has been/was a terrible majority leader (see big spending above), but I don't think the funding plan he had in place was illegal. I think it is sour grapes that the Dems lost the Texas delegation and had to eat the new redistricting plan.

As for Frist, right now I am deciding whether to back him or Pataki in the upcoming Presidentia... Pshaw! I almost finished that sentence without breaking up in laughter. Whew. See big spending above on Frist.

I also agree with Braveheart on Dubai -- not because it was all that huge a deal in the first place, but because it is evidence that the White House doesn't understand conservatives at all. (Harriet Meiers anyone?).

Lots of agreement. Briefly on areas of disagreement, which mostly related to the war. The chickhawk argument doesn't fly (get it!?). That's an attempt to cut off debate and I find it interesting to hear it coming from the left that tries to keep our military recruiters off of college campuses and cheers John Kerry when he says our military is terrorizing innocent people. I can't speak for military mark, but I think our servicemen and women know who has their back in this fight-- and it ain't the likes of you, Braveheart.

On the war, the President has been steady. Every few months we have to deal with the latest sky is falling rhetoric from the left and their parrots in the media. We can't stop people from committing acts of terror. But we can continue to move forward getting the Iraqis on their feet so that they can be an ally in the war on terror. Saadam was providing funding, intelligence and safe havens for terrorists. Every day, our military is fighting against Al Queda terrorists in Iraq. If we leave, what do you think they will do? Unlike Vietnam, our enemy isn't likely to sit tight and be satisfied with oppressing the civilian population (though I am sure that will happen). I'm not sure why you can't see that. I'm also not sure how a liberal can hope for US defeat in Iraq, given the consequences to the human beings left behind.

I agree that the Republican Congress is in trouble -- but it is in trouble for being insufficiently conservative. On spending, on the ports, on judges, on immigration. The only thing we have going for us right now is that we are running our candidates against a group of Democrats that have gone completely unhinged.

On issue after issue, it is Democrats, not Republicans, who are forced to pretend to be something they are not. Republicans who act like Democrats should be in trouble. Your problem, Bravehart, is that your candidates will reveal their true selves -- and the "keyboard brigades" in the blogosphere will be there to document it.

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