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Monday, March 13, 2006
The Dog that Didn't Bark

I may be in a bad position to judge this, since I have been living in a cave the last two weeks and don't have cable. Even so, I am surprised at the level of news coverage (by this I mean non-coverage) of the arrest of several students in the bombing of a series of Baptist churches throughout the south.

Oridinarily, the arrest of people for "hate crimes" like this warrants non-stop breathless coverage. I know very little about the accused students, but that's in part because there hasn't been more than one brief story in my local paper and next to nothing in terms of the news. Is there more to this? Perhaps I have just missed all the coverage -- but I find it hard to believe I could have missed nearly all of it (I've followed the media closely enough to catch headlines).

Here is the Newsweek story on it -- which is evidence there isn't a complete blackout on it -- but I find it amazing there is absolutely no speculation or consideration of what the motive might have been. That's way out of the ordinary here. The reporter just takes the "it was a joke" story at face value and presses no further.

What gives? Why isn't this a bigger story deserving of investigation and air time?

It's a boring story. All these churches burn, and it turns out to be a few collge kids. I don't think this was a hate crime, but a stupid crime, a few potheads trying to cause a stir, play a prank, who eventually sentenced themselves to a decade of sodomy, not the results they wanted. "Dude, like don't you see the irony, we go to a bible school, and were burning churches...". God bless them, there going to need it.
A true hate crime would be the Muslim/Iranian wacko who drove his car into a group of kids, but thats right, you have to be white to commit a hate crime.
Of course the media dropped it - the students were all Jews! It sure was a hate crime, 3 Jewish kids burning down churches. But you won't find the Jew controlled media reporting that.
Mmark - I think Anonymous proves my point with regard to prior review of postings. My guess is that Anonymous is a liberal and thinks that this is how conservatives think. That's why they keep losing elections. I don't even know that it is true, by the way. Let's ask our resident experts on all things Jewish -- JPC and Law School Chris. Guys, does this seem like a Jewish thing to you? I expect a response prior to sundown tomorrow!

In all seriousness, though, this is something that the media usually looks into. My guess is that it isn't that they are Jewish, it is that they are liberal. Seriously, they are theater majors. How many conservative theater majors have you ever met? Ok, I do know one -- and hey, he is Jewish! But three!? Highly unlikely, even in a southern college. The reality is, the media isn't interested because they don't want to know the story here -- they don't appear to be conservatives, so we need to move along, nothing to see here.

Before I go, I should mention that there is a new Harvard study on the "Israel Lobby" that Anonymous would like. He can join David Duke in praise for liberal scholarship in the Ivy Leagues!
Well...following up on the story, apparently some Neo-Nazi websites have reported that the students responsible were "believed to be jews." Anon - its nice to see that you get you news from "Stormfront."

The names of the students: Cloyd, DeBursk and Mosely seem awfuly Un-Jewish, although, the site does link to a picture of Cloyd's father, with a stethescope around his neck - I suppose that would be a point for Anon.

However, USA Today reports that one of DeBurk's friends said that DeBusk invited him on a "demon-hunting" trip last summer.

From US Today:

"Nothing happened, Some friends of ours and the two of us were in the middle of the woods, playing guitar. They had some beer. There were no rituals, no weird séance.

In addition:

"He wasn't raised as a Christian, and he had never found any kind of religion to settle down with. He thought he'd found something that worked for him. It's not worshipping the devil. It gave him the peacefulness and serenity of Buddhism. It was a real peaceful thing."

Playing guitar in the woods, finding "serenity" - sounds like these kids are hippies not Jews.

The final piece of evidence: The three were arrested Wednesday after investigators traced tire tracks left at several of the burned churches to a sport-utility vehicle (a 2000 Toyota 4Runner) owned by Cloyd's mother and regularly driven by her son.

If it was a large Cadillac or Lincoln, maybe even a Buick I would have had my doubts but, Jews don't drive Toyota 4Runners - its just that simple. ;-)
As President Roosevelt said: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself. And Chuck Norris."
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