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Friday, March 03, 2006
Moderation Criticisms from MMark

MMark writes:
You guys should turn off the moderator thing. I've noticed comments have gone down the drink. I mean, what are you afraid someones going to say. If a comment really pisses you off you can delete it. People (all be them few) don't come to this blog to hear you preach, they come here to vent. Its going to hati's in a hand basket.

First of all, let me take full responsibility for instituting the policy of moderating comments. I made it in response to a huge increase in comments regarding the cartoon issue. I personally review the comments, but I don't edit them. There are only three things that get you bounced:

1. You make no attempt to make an argument whatsoever.
2. Your over-reaching point is to call any group of people (other than the SCG's) names.
3. A whole lot of obscene language that adds nothing of value to the web site.

Usually, #2 and #3 also fall in with #1.

I struggled with this, as the issue was prompted by a discussion about free speech. But, I do not reject the right of any of our readers (few though there are) to say whatever they want. I do not, however, believe they have an unlimited right to say whatever they want on this website. That said, I believe the right approach is to bend over backwards to allow people to say most anything. In the entire history of comments moderation, I have only denied two postings.

Why was this policy implemented? Consider the following:

Do u remember ur own father???? in simple words r u sure that ur mother-fucker is also ur real father.... I'm talking about the guy who thinks he is ur real father...... Ass Hole

Does that represent the type of content we want associated with our site? I don't think so. If you want that sort of "debate" head over to the Democratic Underground.

I'm certainly open to a full discussion from the SCG's. I think the policy is needed, unfortunately. I moderate the comments at least twice a day, so there is usually no big delay. I'll try to do it more often, if that is part of the concern.

Finally, I don't think I have ever denied a posting by MMark. I doubt that I would -- he's an honorary SCG and certainly deserves the privileges and honors that necessarily follow.

Well first off I had to post a comment on a post about my comment. I am sure that you allow 99% of posts, what I'm suggesting is that the comment moderation will discourage people from leaving comments as America is a country that likes immediate results. People want to mouth off, without first being approved by a moderator. I agree that the post you pointed to was offensive, and agree that it should have been removed(especially considering us losing your dad). I just think that posts could be deleted with the same efficiancy as they are moderated. I just think it is bad for buisness, even though this isn't one, but you know what I mean.
Military Mark (aka Michigan Mark) declares victory, he pulls his bayonet slowly from TJ while wiping the sweat from his brow.
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