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Friday, March 03, 2006
The "SISSY SLAP" glove is back.

If you have some time, read the interrogation report from camp X-ray (click on the pdf link on bottom right of the page for the full report); it was leaked to Time and, given that this information is useful to the enemy, promptly published it. A couple points:

1. It is useful to distinguish this type of approach -- systematic, professional - to interrogation with the fraternity party atmosphere of prisoners being forced to do naked human pyramids.

2. It is great to see that our soldiers are not going soft on terrorists, despite the hand wringers and bed wetters.

3. The "sissy slap" glove seems to be a regular feature to these interrogations -- you gotta love that.

For all you hippies out there, don't make us use the sissy slap glove on you.

I like to slap sissies.
Hey TJ, this is not a comment, so don't publish it. Rather, it is a suggestion. Stir things up with a post on the SD abortion ruling, that topic has to generate discussion, even in light of your "moderation".
Opps, I see you took the moderation setting off, still though, it would make a good post.
I don't see how you guys can continue to support this President. He's totally incompetent.

Just look at his most recent brainless antics:

1. Giving management of our sea ports to the government of Dubai. Did you guys ever in a million years think a Republican president would do that?

2. He just went to India and made a deal with them that the US would give them nuclear weapons technology. Plus the Indians would allow inspections of 14 out of 22 nuclear facilities. Hmm... I wonder which facilities won't get inspected? And what did the US get
in return for this? NOTHING!

Read what Pat Buchanan had to say about it at World Net Daily:

3. This month his government has broken through the national debt limit of over 8 trillion dollars! Congress will have to pass a new debt limit, and the treasury will have to print more money so that the government doesn't default on its debts. And who buys all this government debt? Asia and middle eastern oil monarchies. We are now the world's greatest debtors.

And that is just the stupid stuff he has done this month! If you look back its just scary how incompetent he is. Katrina. Or the fact that Cheney shot someone. Or that the war has been fought so incompetently. Or that they just can't come clean and say so - they just pretend its all ok. Or that Iran is allowed to get away with building nuclear bombs. Or that North Korea builds and sells them. Or the fact that Bin Laden is out there running free making videos taunting and threatening us.

Every month he screws up in some new major way. Sometimes twice in a month. What colossal screw ups are we about to endure? Its really scary.
Rawlston, why do you hate america??

Dick cheney should be able to shoot anybody he wants, he's the VICE PRESIDENT for gods sake.

The war in iraq is going very well, you should stop listening to the liberal media.

Regarding katrina... NOBODY had any idea whatsoever that katrina would leave behind so much devastation.

You liberal commies love to spend money, who are you to criticize us of spending too much. We are the fiscally conservative party.
Oh look, the commenters came back.
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