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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Thank the left for conservative victories

Braveheart's post got me thinking about the connection between Dubai, Meiers, and immigration. On both Dubai and Meiers, the President's first instinct was to move to the middle. In each of those cases, conservatives stood their ground and ramped up the pressure on the White House. Why were they successful? Since Bush gets absolutely nothing in return for working with the left (e.g., working with Kennedy on Leave No Child Behind), he finds himself isolated pretty quickly. If the Democrats had embraced Meiers early on, they would have been happier than we were. Instead, they get Alito; that's a mistake which they will regret for thirty years.

We've reached a similar point on the issue of immigration. The real power of the keyboard brigades (as Braveheart calls them) is that there is now an alternative way to define what politics is about in America. The big protests against immigration reform were a mistake, I think, because they have focused conservative attention on this issue. If conservatives continue to push on the Senate, we will achieve real victories... starting with an actual wall on our southern border.

Given the stakes in the 2006 elections, Republicans cannot afford to alienate the base. Democrats from places like Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, will also find it difficult to oppose real immigration reforms in an election year.

Will that alienate hispanic voters against Republicans? Yes and no. If we solve the illegal problem, then assimilation becomes much more likely. If we let the problem fester, then illegals will continue to live in their own private Mexico (and a growing one at that) right here in the United States. If Mexican immigrants embrace America, they will be more likely to go the way of Italians....if Mexican immigrants continue to embrace Mexico, they will remain part of the racially charged Democrat base. Continuing along this path is electoral disaster for Republicans, not the other way around.

As they say, "good fences make good neighbors."

Another one bites the dust:

libby - indicted, resigned
abrahamoff - convicted
cunningham - jailed

and now - bam - former speaker DeLay - indicted, resigned.

On deck for for criminal justice attention: frist, rove, and conrad burns.

I hear Fitzmas may be coming early this year. I wonder whose head will be in St. Fitz's bag this year? Rove? Cheney?

Will we get more republican sideshows, like Presidential Advisor Claude Allen caught shoplifting - resigned - convicted. Or Cheney getting drunk and shooting someone again?

You may have missed this piece of news, Iran announced that it tested a 225mph super-cavitating nuclear capable torpedo. Way to keep your eye on the ball Republicans. As I have said before - while we squander our military might failing to stop a civil war in Iraq - the rest of the world moves ahead.

April appears to be on track to break US casualty records. America thanks you for caring about the troops.
I must have missed all your posts on how you would deal with Iran, Braveheart. Remind me, what's your plan? Please don't list goals ("Note to self: stop Iran from building torpedo," isn't enough.)

I've never been a fan of DeLay, so for me, I'm happy as long as the seat stays with the Republicans.

If you count motor vehicle accidents as significant American defeats, these first four days of March have been horrible -- not entirely unlike the losses we suffered during the battle of the bulge, Okinawa or the tet offensive.

Braveheart, your analytical powers rival those of an 8 year old. Keep up the great statistical work and don't forget to wear your "Free Cynthia" button! It should come in handy later this week when she is charged with assault on a police officer.

You're as stupid as you are heartless. Every fatal car accident is a tragedy which we do everything we can to prevent. The 2300 soldiers and counting died to implement a failed policy. They died implementing a disaster - planned by incompetents. They died for nothing. In the process we have killed probably well over 100,000 Iraqis as well. And we've burned through at least 250 billion dollars. Do you even know how much money that is? That is about $3500 per American household. In Chicago they are planning on building a new building to challenge the world height records - a record long held in Asia. With 250 Billion dollars we could build 500 of those.

What did we buy instead? A deadly tar baby - that kills hundreds of people a day - with no end in sight.

But getting back to Iran. Do you think the Iranians are so super smart that they invented the world's most technologically advanced torpedo in just all of a sudden like that? This is a technology the US has been trying to figure out for 40 years. No, this torpedo is the Russian Shkval super cavitating torpedo - the most advanced torpedo in the Russian Navy. And what do you think would cause the Russians to give that technology to Iran? And do you think that is all the Russians and the Chinese are helping Iran with? I bet the Iranian nuclear program is going swimmingly - with technological breakthroughs every day - maybe Allah blessed them with 20 Einsteins. More likely Iran is getting technical help from Russia, China, North Korea and our newest dearest ally Pakistan.

What we should have done is - not started a war in Iraq! That was a collosal blunder - executed by a retarded President - which gave a historic opportunity for all of our competitors in the world to fuck with us. And they are fucking with us in spades. Do you remember how in the 80's Reagan gave stinger missles to the Taleban in Afghanistan so they could shoot down the pride of the Russian air force the Hind helicopters? Do you think the Russians just forgot about that one? Or do you think Putin is telling us "Payback's a Bitch".

Now I dearly wish it were possible for a genius policy to just magically reverse all the damage this incompetent leadership has done. But there is no such magic answer - there is no "do over". We have to live with the consequences - which is a damatic weakening of American power. Thanks retards for screwing that up for us. You voted for and supported this idiot policy. You own the consequences. Wear it like the badge of shame that it is.

You asked specifically what I would do - I'd stop building the "new iraqi army". All we are doing is building a shiite army which when we leave will serve Iran. When we leave Iraq - and we will leave in defeat sooner or later - there will be a civil war - between Sunni's and Shiites. The Shiites will be supported by Iran and will have the goal of making an Iranian client state. The stronger the Shiite army is the bigger Iran will be. So right now - every dollar we spend benefits Iran. God, its so retarded. The Sunni army will be supported by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia ( and to some extent Egypt and all the other Sunni Arab countries ) are packed to the gills with Wahabi's who hate America. But those countries are ruled by American supported dictators. The worse the coming Iraqi civil war is - the more effort those countries will have to put into it - and the more likely that those pro-western dictators will be toppled. This is Osama Bin Laden's dream. We are doing his work for him.

The longer we wait the greater the risk that we will lose control of the whole middle east. Don't you guys read any history? Don't you know anything? British Empire? Ottoman Empire? The Great Game? That whole region was set up for the benefit of the west by proper british Imperialists who knew what they were doing. Our retard president is laying waste to their exquisite clockwork.

I'd pull all our troops out of Iraq, and I'd send a few billion dollars of weapons to the Iraqi Sunnis, to the Kurds, the Turks, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria and hope that Iran and its Iraqi Shiite proxys don't make Bin Laden's dreams come true - Anti-western theocracies across the entire Arabian Penninsula.
That's your plan? Send a few billion dollars to the sunnis! And you say our President is "retarded"!

Hey, you should forward your grand plan over to the Kerry campaign. They are still searching for one.
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